Stages of Cell division

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Interphase the longest stage of the cell cycle, the cell carries out all normal life activities and DNA is in very long, thin, and invisible strands. • When the cell prepares to divide, the strands are duplicated, so there are two identical strands of genetic material.
Prophase Chromatids condense and chromosomes become visible
MetaphaseChromosomes align in the middle of the cell.
AnaphaseCentromere splits and chromatids are pulled to each side of the cell.
Telophase Two daughter nuclei are formed.
CytokinesisCytokinesis completes the process of cell division..
Mitosis The process by which the duplicated contents of the cell’s nucleus divide into two equal parts
Cytokinesis in plants cells, a cell plate forms in the middle of the cell, eventually becoming a cell wall that divides the cytoplasm in two
Cytokinesis in animal cellsthe middle of the cell contracts, pinching the cell membrane, and the cell is divided.

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