Staffing (EPHE 253)

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Question Answer
Mental and physical tasks, how the job will get done, the reason the job exists, the qualifications neededJob Analysis
Job's goals and duties, the job title, who the job reports toJob Description
Educational requirements, desired experience, specialized skills/knowledge, salary range, special requirementsJob Specification
List the steps of planning a job interviewknow what the job requires, gather information to predict successful applicants, outline the process, use a Record and Observation sheet, schedule interview, review application
What is a traditional job interview?Talk about prior experience, talk about yourself
What is a knowledge/skills/abilities interview? Stage interview, write subject based knowledge tests, must score about cut score to move on
What is a competency-based interview?Focuses on competencies and tests practical skills in the field
What are the typical steps on the day of an interview?introductions, describe the interview process, describe the job, questions, clarification, closing
What things go in the "questions" portion of an interview?Self-assessment, assessing work experience, relevance of education, demonstrations of knowledge or competencies
What happens post interview?Record observations, narrow down candidates, check references, notify successful then unsuccessful candidates.
How do you retain staff?Give them opportunities for leadership, allow them to be flexible, have good communication with staff