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Corporate governance code: Roles of chairman1. Hold meetings at frequent intervals
2. Ensure that the board agenda properly reflects key issues
3. Provide board members with revenant, reliable and timely info
4. Provide enough time at meetings to address key issues
5. Allow all directors to the opportunity to voice opinions
6. Guide group discussions so focus does not deviate from key issues
Some rules of corporate governance code says:- Every listed company should have a BOD
- Should be a clear division of responsibilities between chairman and CEO
- Balance of skills, knowledge, experience on the board
- board should receive timely info
- All directors must allocate sufficient time to companies business
Why is accrual accounting used?recognises the economic substance of a companies transactions. cash movements reflect only the timing of payments for that cost or benefit
Regulation of distortion to market competitionCMA: Competition and markets authority - Investigates mergers, enforces consumer protection act
What are the different types of ratios?Efficiency, solvency, performance, liquidity