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St Johns Vocab

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Unit 5

Definitions 1

accusev. to say that someone or something has done wrong; blame
cleveradj. having or showing a quick mind; bright, smart
coastn. the land near the sea or ocean v. - to move along without any power or effort; to slide down a slope
delicateadj. easily broken or damaged; requiring care or skill
explorev. to travel; to discover; to look into or study something

Definitions 2

imitatev. to copy someone's movements or expressions; to appear like something else
piercev. to make a hole or opening; to run into or through something, as with a pointed weapon
rareadj. not often found, seen, or happening; unusually valuable or good; not fully cooked
symboln. something that stands for something else; a written sign that is used to represent an operation or a calculation
triumphn. an important success or win; a feeling of happiness that comes from winning. v. to succeed

unit 7

Definitions 1

ability(n.) the power or skill to do something
avoid(v.) to keep away from
bashful(adj.) shy, not at ease, especially in a social setting
brief(adj.) short in time, amount, or length
compete(v.) to try for something, such as a prize; to take part in a game or contest; to play against another or others

Definitions 2

consider(v.) to think about or pay attention to
delightful(adj.) very pleasing, wonderful
honor(n.) great respect; a sign of respect; a sense of what is right. (v.) to respect or value
reflex(n.) an automatic response, usually very quick
remark(n.) a short statement. (v.) to say, mention; give an opinion

unit 9

Question Answer
approach(v.) to come close to; to begin to deal with; to make a request (n.) the act of coming close to; a way to deal with something or someone; a way of reaching a place
approve(v.) to have a high opinion of; to give permission
glory(n.) great honor or praise given by others; great beauty
magnificent(adj.) very grand and fine; remarkably beautiful or outstanding
meek(adj.) not courageous or strong
prompt(adj.) on time; done quickly and without delay (v.) to move someone to action; to remind someone what to do or what to say
revive(v.) to bring or come back to life
tradition(n.) a custom, belief, or idea that has been passed down over time
watchful(ad.) always noticing what is happening, aware
wreckage(n.) what is left of something that has been destroyed

unit 10

Question Answer
audible(adj.) capable of being heard
consume(v.) to eat or drink, especially in large amounts; to use up; to destroy
glide(v.) to move smoothly and easily
origin(n.) the cause or beginning
prevent(v.) to stop from happening
punctuate(v.) to mark printed or written materials with periods, commas, and other signs; to interrupt from time to time; to give importance to
representative(n.) a typical example; someone who acts for another (adj.) having to do with elected members; being a typical example
scorn(n.) a feeling that something or someone is worthless or inferior;an expression of that feeling (v.) to act with contempt toward an object or a person; to make fun of
stout(adj.) large and heavy in build; physically strong and sturdy; having courage or determination
woe(n.) great sorrow or suffering; trouble

unit 11

Question Answer
arch(n.) a curved structure that serves as an opening and as a support (v.) to form a curve (adj.) main; playful, mischievous
authentic(adj.) being the real thing; worthy of belief, true
clarify(v.) to say clearly or make easier to understand
declare(v.) to state strongly; to make a formal or official statement
grant(v.) to permit or allow; to admit that something is true (n.) something that is given
grave(n.) a hole in the ground where something is buried (adj.) very important and requiring much attention; serious, solemn
modest(adj.) not thinking too highly of oneself, not boastful; proper in speech, dress or behavior; not extreme or large, moderate
opponent(n.) someone who is set against another, as in a contest, game, argument or fight
valid(adj.) supported by facts or evidence, true
yearn(v.) to long for

unit 12

Question Answer
admirable(adj.) deserving praise
automatic(adj.) done without thought or will; done by a machine, not by a human
devotion(n.) loyalty and affection
distant(adj.) far away; not friendly
dreary(adj.) gloomy or dismal; without cheer, comfort, or enthusiasm
exhaust(v.) to use up; to wear out (n.) the escape of gas from an engine
kindle(v.) to get a fire going; to stir up or start something
predict(v.) to guess what is going to happen
separation(n.) the act or condition of being apart
stunt(v.) to stop or slow down the growth of (n.) an act that shows great strength, bravery, or skill, often to get attention

Science Test 3/2

Question Answer
BiomassEnergy from material that is alive or was alive a short time ago - animal waste, trees, plants, garbage.
CoalBlack rock burned to make electricity. Is it a fossil fuel.
Geothermal EnergyThe heat inside the earth used to make electricity.
HydropowerEnerygy from moving water.
Natural GasFossil fuel gas moved by pipeline.
PetroleumFossil fuel for cars, trucks, and jets.
PropanePortable fossil fuel that is a gas. We use it for barbecue grills.
Solar EnergyEnergy that travels to the earth in rays from the sun.
Uranium / Nuclear EnergyEnergy from splitting atoms.
WindEnergy from moving air.

Science Test 3/2 (Part II)

Question Answer
Solar EnergyRenewable
Natural GasNonrenewable
Uranium / Nuclear EnergyNonrenewable

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