SS Muscles

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Section 1

Question Answer
extrinsic laryngealelevate thyroid cart, lower thyroid cart
muscles of masticationelevate mandible, depress mandible, retract mandible, protrude mandible, side to side move
muscles of the tongueshorten, flatten, narrow/elongate, tip up, tip down, body UB, side up, root up, depress, retract, protrude
muscles of pharynxconstricts, elevates/dilates
muscles of velumelevate, depress, tense palatal aponeurosis
muscles of the facecorner to side, corner in, corner up, corner down, upper up, uper down, lower up, lower down
extrinsic perioral musclestransverse, angular, vertical, parallel

Section 2

Question Answer
transversepulls lips against teeth
obicularis oris, intrinsicpuckers lips
buccinator, risoriouspulls lips against teeth
palatal tensortenses palatal aponeurosis
palatal levator, uvulumelevates velum
hyoglossus, genioglossusdepress and retract tongue
SMI constrictorconstricts pharynx
palatoglossusroot up
styloglossusbody UB
superior longitudinaltip up
external pterygoid, anterior belly of the digastricdepress mandible
masseter, temporalis, internal pterygoidelevate mandible
sternothyroidlower thyroid cartilage
thyrohyoidelevate thyroid cartilage