Spring Final - World History

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Galileo believed the earthrevolved around the sun
Who thought the sun was at the center of the universe?Copernicus
Robert Boyle is known as the father of what science?Chemistry
How did the French revolution differ from the American Revolution?Unstable leadership in France allowed a military dictator to seize power
What Enlightenment thinker wrote "Leviathan"?Thomas Hobbes
How did the 1689 English Bill of Rights help the development of democracy?Restricted the power of monarch
How was Simon Bolivar influenced by other revolution?adapted Enlightenment ideals and began revolutions against Spanish authority
What did the revolutions of France, England, and the United States have in common?Democracy
How did the steam engine affect the economy in a positive way?coal production increased
Define socialismownership split equally between people as a whole
define democracyownership is earned, decisions made by elected reps
Define communismdifferent social classes
define totalitarianismgov't controls everything
define fascismone part of population takes control of the other part (think social darwinsm)
Difference between communism and socialism?communism is different social classes while socialism puts everyone on an even playing field
Who developed communism?Karl Marx
Who developed socialism?Friedrich Engels
What class is exploited in communism, according to Karl Marx?The working class
Women's inequality in factory work led to which major reform movement?Labor Reform
Explain the link between Social Darwinism and European ImperialismEnglish believe they are superior because of their race and birthplace
Why was control of Egypt so important to the British Empire? Control of the Suez Canal
Define Oppressionthe state of being subject to unjust treatment/control
Define imperialisma country dominating another socially, politically, and economically
What is a lasting effect of European Imperialism in Africa?Less industrial economy
Which British colony was known as "the Jewel in the Crown"? Why was it called this?India, it is the most valuable
Explain the importance of the Panama and Suez CanalsTrade routes (connected the MEDiterranean and the RED seas)
Which Soviet leaders help unite communist power in the Soviet Union?Lenin and Stalin
The Romanov Dynasty is best linked to which country's revolution?Russian
How did the alliance system help cause war in Europe?Previous alliances meant that countries HAD to help out their buddies
What major world even took place between 1914-1918?World War I (The Great War)
Understand Trench warfareBoth sides dig trenches and fight from there using machine guns and hand grenades (a nasty mess, really)
What new weapons were introduced during World War I?-Tank -Big Bertha -Machine guns -tanks -submarines (u-boats) -airplanes
How did new weaponry affect world war I?easier to kill people
In WWII, what was total war?Devote all resources to war effort
What caused the global depression in the 1930's?stock market crash
how did the U.S. respond to the Great Depression?New deal
who were examples of totalitarianism?Nazi, Stalin, and Fascists
why did japan invade the Asian mainland in the 1930s?Resources
List an example of how Germany was a totalitarian statemass media control
what caused world war 2?germany's invasion of poland
named the allied leaders of world war 2churchill, franklin d roosevelt, and stalin
why was the suez canal so important during world war 2?faster routes
why and how was the u.s pulled into world war two?pearl harbor
what is genocide?the systematic killing of an entire people
where has genocide taken place?germany, cambodia, russia, u.s
what was one of the main reasons president truman chose to drop atomic bombs on japan?to save soldier's lives
why did the berlin airlift take place?to ship supplies to west germany
why was the state of isreal established?to seperate jews and arabs
how was communism in china different from communism in the soviet union?china's economy was all about industry while the soviet union was about agriculture
why did the soviet union collapse?the communist system did little to motivate workers because no matter how hard they worked they still didn't get payed what they were worth
what were the SALT agreements?limited the number of weapons a country could have
what was segregation called in south africa?APARTheid
how did the u.s change after 9/11?president now has approval to conduct any necessary military action

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