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On this page you will learn terminology relating to spreadsheets. Good luck!

Spreadsheet Terms


Question Answer
Spreadsheeta computer program designed to display and process numbers
Worksheeta page in a spreadsheet made up of cells
Cellsa series of boxes in a spreadsheet
Cell referencethe name for a box in a cell eg (A3)
Rowsboxes across a spreadsheet marked by numbers (1, 2, 3 etc)
Columnsboxes across down spreadsheet marked by letters (A, B, C etc)
Dataletters or words typed in cells
Numbersfigures typed in cells
Formulaeinstructions or functions typed in cells to perform calculations

Spreadsheet Functions


Question Answer
Format a cellshow data in particular way (currency, percentage, date, etc)
Alignment in cellposition of data in cell (left, right, middle)
Borders round celldark/coloured lines round a cell
Shading of cellhighlight cells in colour
Enhancement in cellhighlight data in bold, italics or underline
Fonts in celltype of text used in cells
Size of fontstext can be varied to small, medium or large sizes

Further Spreadsheet Functions


Question Answer
Adding Commentswhere additional information or instructions are added into box about data in a cell
Sorting Cellswhere data in cells are organised into ascending or descending alphabetical or numerical order
Inserting Rows/Columnswhere extra rows/columns are put in
Deleting Rows/Columnswhere rows/columns no longer required are removed

Uses of Spreadsheets


Question Answer
Record Receipt of StockPurchases Department
Record Staff AbsencesHuman Resources Department
Calculate Staff WagesFinance Department
Calculate Annual Sales FiguresSales Department

More Uses of Spreadsheets


Question Answer
Calculate Profits/Losses of BusinessFinance Department
Create Graphs of Monthly SalesSales Department
Calculate Training CostsHuman Resources Department
Complete Order FormsPurchases Department

Simple Spreadsheet Formulae


Question Answer
Formulaeuse = symbol
Adduse + symbol
Minususe – symbol
Multiplyuse * symbol
Divideuse / symbol
Total (Auto Sum)add a group of numbers = sum (A3:A10)
Averagefind the average number in a range = average (A3:A10)
Maximumfind the highest number in a range = maximum (A3:A10)
Minimumfind the lowest number in a range = minimum (A3:A10)
Countadd the number of entries in a range = count (A3:A10)

Advanced Spreadsheet Formulae


Question Answer
Conditional Formulaewhere formulae inserted results in a logical value (true or false outcome)
Relative Referencingwhere formulae change when a cell is copied to another cell (A1*B1, A2*B2, A3*B3)
Absolute Referencingwhere formulae remain constant no matter where they are copied (shown as $A1*$B1)
Named Cellswhere cells with formulae are given meaningful names (eg A3*VAT)
Linked Cells: where cell reference and sheet name appear in formulae connecting cells in different worksheets (eg A1*Sheet2!A3)

Spreadsheet Printing Options


Question Answer
Landscapespreadsheet will be shown on long edge of page
Portraitspreadsheet will be shown on short edge of page
Gridlineslines round boxes in spreadsheet can be set on or off
Row/Column Headingsletters and numbers of cells can be set on or off
Printing to one Pagespreadsheet can be shrunk so it will fit onto one page
Value Viewspreadsheet will be shown with figures on view
Formulae Viewspreadsheet will be shown with formulae on view (press CTRL and ACCENT key together
Extractsonly part of spreadsheet will be printed as selected

Types of Charts


Question Answer
Pie Chartcircular graph showing proportions or general comparisons
Bar Charthorizontal bar graph showing comparisons over time or between products
Line Chartvertical line graph showing trends over time
Pictogrampicture graph showing general impressions

Uses of Charts


Question Answer
Pie Chartshow percentage of departmental spending in organisation
Bar Chartshow actual sales figures against target sales figures
Line Chartshow profit trends over the last 6 months
Pictogramshow products with most sales

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