Sports Injuries Lecture Week 2 - Ligaments

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What is special about ligaments when they undergo tension?They are viscoelastic and return to original shape when the tension is moved
What is the difference between slow and fast strains?Slow strains = lengthening. Fast strains = breaking
What is the beighton score?A test for hypermobility due to more elastic ligaments. Scored out of 9.
What score is needed on the beighton score or hypermobility questionnaire to suggest hypermobility presence?2
What is the structure of ligaments?Soft connective tissues. Fibroblasts are nearly parallel but not as parallel as in tendon. Made up of criss/crossing collagen fibres.
Describe the grades of ligament ruptureGrade 1: Sprained/stretched but still competent. Grade 2:partially torn but able to stabilise to an extent. Healing is possible. Grade 3: completely torn and unable to stabilise
What are three common ligament injuries in sport?Anterior talofibular ligament, ACL and collateral knee ligaments (medial and lateral)
What makes up O'Donoghue's triad?1. tibial collateral ligament tear 2. medial meniscus tear 3. ACL tear
What is the acute management of ACL and ATFL injuries?same day clinician review, Xray if unable to weight bear or tender at weak points. Fractures require orthopaedics, ACL rupture managed with surgery after 3 weeks
What are the management options for a complete ligament tear?Muscle strengthening, reconstruction surgery, tissue engineering

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