Sports Injuries Lecture Week 1 - Epidemiology etc

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What do most sports injuries impair?Musculoskeletal System
What accounts for the majority of sports injuries?Soft tissue injuries
What is the working definition of a sport injury?Any physical complaint sustained by partaking in sport that causes "time loss" or "medical attention"
What is epidemiology?The study of disease in relation to population, establishes extent of sport injury problem and prevelance in body sites, incidence of injury types, severity and the sports with majority of injuries
What is incidence?Indication of the number of new sports injuries during a particular period divided by the total number of sports persons at the start of the period eg 10/1000 person year
What is prevalence?A figure or factor at a single point in time
What are the pros of a prospective epidemiological study?accurate estimation of time exposure, diagnosis of injury and number of episodes
What are the cons of a retrospective study?error from recall bias, estimation of exposure hours, standard to diagnose injury lower
What is the sequence of injury prevention?Identify extent from epidemiological study, identify risk factors/aetiology/mechanism, introduce preventative measures, repeat epidemiology assessment
What are the most commonly injured body parts?Anterior cruciate ligament and ankle lateral ligaments
What is an acute/traumatic injury?Sudden trauma, moment of injury identifiable, eg ankle sprain
What is a chronic/overuse injury?Caused by repitition of movement/activity. difficult to identify onset eg back pain
How do you classify severity of injury?Time loss - 0-7 days mild, 8-21 days moderate, 21+ or permanent severe
What is the order of the regeneration spectrum of tissue types? (high to low)Bone, Muscle, Tendon, ligament, Meniscus, Cartilage
What is a systematic review?Summary of injury incidence and prevalence on specific sport, injury, population etc
What is a meta-analysis?Breakdown of comparison, determination of statistical significance
What happens if a sportspersons capacity increases with regard to injury risk?Injury risk decreases
How do you work out relative risk?(risk of group 1)/(risk of group 2) = RR
How do you work out risk?(number of people with positive outcome)/(total people in study) = Risk
How do you work out the odds?(number of people with positive outcome)/(number of people with negative outcome) = odds (x100 for percentage)
How do you work out the odds ratio?(odds for group 1)/(odds for group 2) = OR
What is the model for injury causation?Predisposed athlete (eg age, gender) -> Susceptible athlete (external risk factors) -> INJURY

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