Splints for common diagnoses

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Question Answer
Flail arm splintBrachial Plexus Injury
Dynamic wrist, finger, and thumb extension splintRadial Nerve Palsy
Opponens splint, C-bar, or thumb post splintMedian nerve injury
Dynamic/static splint to position MPs in flexionUlnar nerve inury
Figure of eight or dynamic MCP flexion splintCombined median ulnar
Tenodesis splintSpinal cord (C6-C7)
Wrist splint positioned in neutralCarpal tunnel syndrome
Elbow splint positions at 30 degrees of flexionCubital tunnel syndrome
Thumb splint, includes wrist, IP joint freeDeQuervains
(UCL) hand based thumb splintSkier's thumb
Hand based thumb splintCMC arthritis
Ulnar drift splintUlnar Drift
Dorsal protection splintFlexor tendon injury
Silver rings or PIP extension splintBoutonniere
Silver rings or buttonhole splintSwan neck
Functional splint or safe splint, depending on stageArthritis
Resting splintFlaccidity
Spasticity splint or cone splintSpasticity
Balanced forearm orthosis (BFO), deltoid sling/suspension sling: mounts to w/c, individual must have shoulder or trunk movementMuscle weakness (ALS, SCI, Guillain-Barre)
Wrist 15-30 degrees extension, MCP 50-70 degrees flexion, IPs full extensionHand burns

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