Splint Test

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Section 1

Question Answer
Wrist cockup diagnosescarpal tunel, radial nerve palsy
most common splintwrist cockup
wrist cockup splint immobilizeswrist
Forearm thumb spica immobilizesthumb CMC, MP, wrist
thumb spica diagnosesgamekeepers thumb, de quervains, RA, scaphoid
resting functional hand splint immobilizeswrist, thumb, digits
resting functional hand splint diagnosescrush injury, burns, CVA
hand based thumb spica immobilizesthumb
handling charactersistics vs performance characteristicshot; after mold
moldability vs drapabilityhow easy it is to form/how material forms using only gravity
dequarvians musclesabd pollicis brevis & extensor pollicis longus
8 bones...can see...anterior; pisiform

Section 2

Question Answer
why do we splintimmobilize, protect, mobilize, rest
creaseswrist (2), palm (2), thenar crease (no prox distal)
arches proximal/distalbottom; top
dorsal vs palmar skinmovable; touch/inelastic
2 positions of handfunctional and resting
wrist extensions in functional and resting20-30/10-20
why might we need an orthotistuse higher temperatures and more durable
Biggest prominencesMC head
educating patient ondon/doff, when to wear/not to wear, care
graspscylindrical (fist), hook, spherical (ball)
prehensionslateral, 3 jaw chuck, tip to tip
use creases for guiding when fitting