Splicing roundup

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Question Answer
Transformer is Transcriptionally on in males but genetically swtiched off
Which exon is included in Tra for malesExon 3
Who proposed the weird model for SXL control? how far between AGsLallena 32bp
What do they suggest?Selection of splice sites its occuring after E complex but before cataltyic steps
How many splicing patterns for some genes?1000s
What genetic switches are controlled by AS?Apoptosis sex det and axon guidance
What is step 1 of splicing A 2OH attacks the 5SS and cleaves the intron
What is step 2 of splicing??2nd transestirifcation reaction Attack of 3' end and concerted exon ligation
What occurs at A complex?Recruitment of U2
What ocurs at B complexU4-6 rec and rerrangement in which U1 replaced by US
When does Sex specific splicing cascade begin?In the embryo where an exess of Scl initates exon 3 exclusion Positive feedback
How far is splicing normal in SXL transcripts?Step one 5; exon cleavage and laiat formation occurs in vitro, drastic rearangements in the splicesome must therefore occur in the second step
What other factors contribute to proteome diverstiy ALT TSS, polA RNA editing and PTM
How many RNAs from SLo gene500
Which exon candidates compete in DSCAMThose corresponding to exon six- form 2 structurs
Where will AS need to be prevalentNeurones 1billion a/o 100 C elegans in mam brain

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