Splicing ii

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An example of an inducible splicing factorSrp38 Repressive during mitosis. When phosphylated binds nd activates at ESES
What are examples of tissue specific splicing factorsFOX, NOVA
What regions can influence a casette exons inclusionSequences in flanking introns and immediately flanking constituitive exons
What are things we can infer from global mehtods?Position dependance of binidng site- RbFox site downstream of neural specific exons promote thier inclusion and PTB upstream of muscle and neuone exons supresses
What is the common theme that emerges from splicing maps?Non SR proteins upstream of or within an exon silence/ downstream enhance, SR proteins within or upstream enhancer and downstream silence
What data is integrate to give Splicing Maps?Clip in combo with Transcriptome wide profiling of ASEs
What motifs are localised to neural intronic sequencesRbFOX + Nova downstram, PTB/nPTB up and downstream
How is the expression of PTB controlled?Post translationally by miRNA 124 acting on 3'UTR
How does PTB reg nPTB ?Suppresses by promoting inclusion of a frameshift causing exon
Points about nPTBParalog switching-75% similarity with similar RNA binding properties but influences a subset of ASE in nuerones
How else is PTB regulatedSupressed in mouse heart during development through targetting by capases
How can the level of a splicing factor affect ASEsEg SRSF1 doubling in concentration leads to cell transformation
How can signals influence ASEsActivation of T cells in culture promotes CD45 Tyrosine phosphatase alt splicing. Mediated through PSF and hRNPLL PSF dephophorylated can induce exon skipping .
How can SR proteins influence splicing events1) SR domain effecting protein recrtuiment 2) RRM domian preventing hnRNPA1 from propogating from downstream exons
What is the first stage of splicing reg>Assembly of productive E complexes- SRs interacting with U170k and PTB competing with IUAF65
What is second stage of splicing regBefore A complex x commited to splice site selection Sxl regulation. RS domains also have a role?

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