Spine Quiz

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Name two anatomical features of C1/Atlas.1. It has no vertebral body. 2. It has lateral masses and transverse processes on both sides.
Which ligament holds the dens in place across the atlas/C1?The transverse ligament.
What two movements are permitted by the atlanto-axial joint?1. Flexion of the neck 2. Rotation of the head
Which is the largest and heaviest cervical vertebrae?C2
What 4 parts does C2 consist of?1. A body 2. Laminae 3. Inferior articular processes 4. Odontoid process
How wide should the space be between the anterior aspect of the odontoid process and the anterior arch of the atlas?No bigger than 3mm in adults or 5mm in children.
What radiographic tool is used to check C2?Harris' ring.

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