Spinal cord

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anterior median fissuredeep groove on anterior side
posterior median sulcusdeep groove on posterior side
spinal cord endsbetween L1 and L2
concus medullaristapers at L1 and L2
filum terminaleforms coccxyegeal ligament, thin thread of fibrous tissue at the end of the conus medullaris
cauda equinathin roots extending from spinal cord
ventral rootaxons of motor nerves
dorsal rootaxons of sensory nerves
spinal nervesmixed nerves contains sensory and motor nerves
spinal meningesprotection and blood supply, surround the spinal cord
dura mater outer most
arachnoid matermiddle
pia materinner, directly in contact with the spinal cord
tough, collagen fibers, loose connective tissuedura mater
fuses with occipital bone and filum terminaledura mater
anesthetic sitedura mater
filled with CSFarachnoid mater
subarachnoidbetween arachnoid and pia mater
CSFfound in subarchnoid and central spinal cord
direct contact with the spinal cordpia mater
denticular ligamentsconnect pia mater to dura pater
stabilize side to side movementpia mater
white mattermyeliated axon
grey matterunmyeliated axons
shock absorbent, nutrient supplyfunctions of CSF
posterior, anterior, lateral gray hornsgrey matter
grey commissuresconnect right and left sides of spinal cord
anterior, lateral, posterior white columnswhite matter
white comminsuresaxons cross from one side of the spinal cord to the other
tracts/fasiculesaxons that relay information in one direction, either superiorly or inferiorly
ascending tractgoing up
taking sensory towards the brain, ex: lateral spinothalmic tractascending tract
descending tractgoing down
bringing motor system down the spinal corddescending tract

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