Spinal Cord

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3 Meninges of Spinal Cord (outermost to innermost)Dura mater, Arachnoid mater, Pia mater
Spaces between Meningeal layers (outermost to innermost)Epidural space, Subdural space, Subarachnoid space
Attach spinal cord to Arachnpoid and Dura MatersDenticulate Ligaments
2 enlargements of the spinal cordCervical Enlargement, Lumbar Enlargement
Inferior, tapered end of spinal cordCoonus Medullaris
Pia mater extension that attaches spinal cord to coccyxFilum Terminale
collective name for roots of Inferior spinal nervesCauda Equina "Horse Tail"
2 Structures that mark midline of the spinal cordAnterior Median Fissure, Posterior Median Sulcus
# of pairs of spinal nerves31
Combination of sensory and motor axonsMixed Nerve

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Surrounds entire nerve, fuses with dura mater as nerve enters spinal canalEpineurium
Surrounds fascicle(s)Perineurium
Wraps around single axonsEndoneurium
Term for structure that connects each nerve to the spinal cordRoots
Root containing sensory neuronsDorsal(Posterior) Root
Root containing motor neuronsVentral (Anterior) root
Cell bodies of sensory neuronsDorsal Root Ganglia
Fusion of roots and ganglionic processesSpinal Nerve
Bundles of Axons (white matter) extending up or down the spinal cordTract(s)
Bundles of Axons in the PNSNerves
Carries info away from brainMotor tracts
carries info to brainSensory tracts

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Branch that reenters spinal canal and innervates structures within spinal cordMeningeal Branch
Innervates muscles of skin and lateral and ventral trunkAnterior (Ventral) Ramus
Innervates deep muscles and skin of dorsal portion of trunkPosterior (Dorsal) ramus
Term for a network of AxonsPlexus
4 major Plexuses in the bodyCervical, Brachial, Lumbar, Sacral
Formed by anterior Rami of C1-C5Cervical Plexus
Formed by Anterior Rami of C5-C8, T1Brachial Plexus
Formed by Anterior Rami of L1-L4Lumbar Plexus
Formed by anterior Rami of L4-L5 and S1-S4Sacral Plexus

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