Spinal cord syndromes

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Question Answer Column 3
Complete TransectionTrauma, Infarction, Transverse myelitis, Abscess, Tumour Complete loss of motor and sensory function below level of the lesion
Cord HemisectionTrauma, Tumour, Multiple sclerosis, AbscessIpsilateral loss of motor and proprioception. Contralateral pain and temperature loss
Central CordNeck hyperextension, Syringomyelia, TumourMotor impairment greater in upper limbs than lower Variable sensory loss, bladder dysfunction
Anterior CordHyperflexion, Disc protusion, Anterior spinal artery occlusion, Post AAAMotor function impairment, Pain and temperature loss, proprioception spared.
Cauda EquinaDisc protusion, Tumour, InfectionBladder/bowel dysfunction, Altered sensation in saddle area, sexual dysfunction


Question Answer Column 3
Dorsal columnsProprioception, vibrationMEDULLA
Corticospinal TractVoluntary motor, Upper extremity fibers more central, lower extremity fibers more lateralMEDULLA
SpinothalamicCrude touch, pressure, pain, temperature1-2 levels above entry point to spinal cord
What are the three main spinal cord pathways?Dorsal columns, corticospinal, spinothalamic
Which one decussates in the spinal cord?Spinothalamic - the others cross at medulla