Spinal Cord Injury Levels

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Question Answer
SCI C1-C3Totally D in self-care but can instruct others in preference for care. Can chew and swallow.
SCI C4Totally D in self-care but can instruct others in preference for care. Can drink from a glass with a long straw. Breathe independently. Mouthstick, sip & puff (if no breathing issue), head pointer, voice-activated ECU.
SCI C5Feeding requires A with s/u. Mobile arm support (MAS), dorsal wrist splint with universal cuff, dycem to prevent slippage of plate, scoop dish or plate guard, angled utensils. Dressing requires MIN-MOD A with UB and D with LB. Bathing requires MIN-MOD A. Grooming requires A with s/u. Uses splint and universal cuff, can be I with brusshing and combing hair, I with electric razor that fits around the hand. Wrist splint in the functional position with a slot to hold a typing stick, long opponens splint for handwriting activities. Trunk control for sidebending is ABSENT.
SCI C6Feeding I using AE. Universal cuff or tenodesis splint, rocker knife, cup with large handles. Dressing I with LB performed in bed. Requires MAX A with socks and shoes, I with UB dressing using button hook & zipper pull. Bathing requires MIN A using tub bench and sliding board transfer. Grooming requires I using tenodesis grasp or splint. Type I'ly with a typing stick, can transfer using a sliding board, a buttonhook attached to a cuff that fits around the palm. No elbow extension and no trunk control for sidebending. To weight shift, use loops attached to the w/c. Short opponens splint.
SCI C7Feeding I. Dressing requires I but may need button hook. Bathing is same as C6 but can performs DEPRESSION transfers. Grooming same as C6. Have hand strength to hold a toothbrush with builtup handles, may be using adapted shoes. Have elbow extension, full strength of all sho, limited grasp, release, and dexterity.
SCI C8-T1I in self-care. Performs depression transfers. Can transfer from w/c to floor and back to a chair with standby A. Build-up handles and joystick.
SCI T6-L4I in all self-care.