Spinal cord and spinal nerves ch 17

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mengies from outer to inner(outer or superficial) dura mater, (middle) arachnoid mater, (inner) pia matter
in between aech maningeal layer are 3 spaces-epidula space (outer) -subdural space (middle) -sub arachnoid space (inner)
what is the conus Medullarisinferior, tapered end (between T12 and L1)
what is filum terminalepia matter extention that attches the spinal cord to the coccyx
what is cauda equinaroots of inferior nerves
how many pairs of spinal nerves are there 31 pairs ( cervicle (C1-C8), thoracic (T1- T12), lumber (L1-L5), sacral (S1- S5) and coccygeal
3 types of connetive tissueepinerium, perineurium, endoneurium
discribe epineuriumsurrounds entire nerve, fuses with dura mater as nerve enters spinal canal( outer)
describe perineuriumaround fascicle (middle)
describe endoneuriumwrapped around single axon (inner)
what connects the sensory neurons to the spinal corddorsal root
what connects the motor neurons to the spinal cordventral (anterior) root
what is the bulge on the posterior side of the dorsal rootdorsal root ganglion
re eneter spinal canal and innervation structures within spinal canalmeningeal branches
musclres of skin of lateral and ventral trunkanterior (ventral) ramus
deep muscleand skin of dorsal portion of trunkposterior (dorsal) ramus
what takes sensory inwhite matter
what takes sensory awaygrey matter

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