Sperm and Egg Creation, Meiosis

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sperm and egg creation

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Spematogenesiscreation of sperm in testes, from puberty to death, takes 2 months to go through meiosis
Oogenesisprocess of making eggs in ovaries, starts when girl is in her mothers womb. stops when she reaches pubery. when girl starts pubery, eggs develop each month but 1 is released.
(Oogenesis) a girl starts life with 300,000 eggs and when she runs out of eggsshe goes through menopause (35-60 years of age)
homologous carrying info for the same traits but the data is not identical

Meiosis, interphase

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what is meiosisthe production of making gametes from sperm and egg
g1mother cell (spermatogonia or oogonia)
s dna replicates
g2microtubles are built

Meiosis, round 1

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prophase 1spindle forms. dna condenses into chromosones. identical chromosones pair up
prophase 1 (cont pt 1)synapsis occurs. homologous chromosones pair up to from a TETRAD.
prophase 1 (cont pt 2)genetic reproduction or crossing over occurs when homologous chromones swap chunks of DNA
prometaphase 1nuclear envelope dissapears. tetrads attach to spindles
metaphase 1tetrads allign on equator of spindle
anaphase 1homologous chromosones seperate. DISJUNCTION
telophase 12 nuclei form. spindle dissapears. chromosones uncoil into chromatin
cytokinesis 1Haploid cells but with double the dna. boys make 2 and girls make 1

Meiosis, round 2

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prophase 2dna coils to form chromosones. chromosones pair with their copy and spindle forms
prometaphase 2nuclear envelope dissapears. chromosones attach to spindle
metaphase 2chromosones align in middle
anaphase 2chromosones seperate (DISJUNCTION)
telophase 2spindle dissapears. 2 nuclei form and chromosones uncoil
cytokinesis 2cytoplasm + organelles divide.


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in girlsone good haploid cell is made, the rest are junk. polar bodies
in boys4 haploid sperm is made

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