Spelling Unit 15 and 16

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Question Answer
He sent a _______ letter.formal
I ______ when I’m happy.whistle
Look on the _____.label
This _____ has 500 pieces.puzzle
The _____ voting age is
A right _____ has 90 degrees.angle
Hot weather is ______ in July.normal
The ______ was very sharp.needle
The ______ in the play wears a halo.angel
Is he a _____ at your school?pupil
I _______ with math work.struggle
Pitch a tent on _____ ground.level
I often use our _____ library.local
My _____ had a flat tire.bicycle
Mary swam across the
Scientists study ______
I often _____ on this step.stumble
My sister and I ______.quarrel
Did you read the ______?article
The dinosaur ______ was old.fossil
The cleaners ______ the floors.scrubbed
Are you ______ to me?listening
He was______ by the news.stunned
Grandma is ______ a sweater.knitting
The room has ______.carpeting
Ana ______ into the room.wandered
He is ______ facts for his report.gathering
It is _____ to rain.beginning
I ______ some pages.skimmed
Layla is ______ with me.chatting
Bob ______ his shoulders.shrugged
Please stop ______ me.bothering
The chef _____ the eggs.whipped
The teacher _____ the class.quizzed
Jim is _____ from a headache.suffering
I _____ the list of names.scanned
Lois _____ them to leave.ordered
The bill _____ thirty dollars.totaled
Have I _____ your question?answered
The story is _____ her.upsetting

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