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motionthe state in which one object's distance from another is changing
reference pointa place or object used for comparison to determine if an object is in motion
speedrate of motion or process
instantaneous speedthe rate at which an object is moving at any given time
inertiaan object's tendency to resist change in motion
frictionthe force that one surface exerts on another when the two surfaces rub against each other
sliding frictionfriction that occurs when one solid surface slides over another
rolling frictionfriction that occurs when object rolls over a surface
staticfriction that acts an objects that are not moving
fluida solid object moving through a fluid (air, oil & water or any fluid)
gravity the force that pulls object toward each other
massthe amount of matter in an object
veloctiythe speed and direction of moving object
sloperise/run or the steepness of a line
centripetal forcea force that causes an object to move in a circle
accelerationa change in the velocity of a body (speed/direction/ m/s²)
momentumthe product of an object's mass and velocity. p=m*v
forcea push or a pull that is applied to an object
newtonSl unit of measurement for force (N)

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