Specific muscles and function

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Section 1

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Frontalisraises eyebrows, wrinkle forehead
Occipitalistenses and retracts scalp
Temporaliselevates mandible
Orbicularis Oculicloses eye
Zygomaticus majorretracts and elevates the corner of the mouth
Orbicularis Oriscompresses and purses lip
Mentaliselevates and protrudes lip
Platysmatenses skin of neck, depresses mandible, pulls lower lip down
Masseterelevates mandible, closes jaw

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Buccinatorcompresses cheek; whistling or sucking
Masseterelevates mandible, closes jaw
Sternocleidomastoidflexes neck
Rectus Abdominusdepresses ribs, flexes vertebral column
External Obliquecompresses abdomen, depresses ribs, flexes or bends spine
Internal Obliquecompresses abdomen, depresses ribs, flexes or bends spine
Transversus Abdominuscompresses abdomen, depresses ribs, flexes or bends spine
Diaphragmexpands thoracic cavity, compresses abdominopelvic cavity
Subclaviusdepresses and protracts shoulder
Pectoralis minordepresses and protracts shoulder, rotates scapula so glenoid cavity moves inferiorly
Serratus anteriorprotracts shoulder, rotates scapula so glenoid cavity moves superiorly

Section 3

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Internal Intercostalsdepresses ribs
External Intercostalselevates ribs
Trapeziusextends clavicle, extends neck
Levator Scapulaeelevates scapula
Rhomboid majoradducts scapula and performs downward rotation
Rhomboid minoradducts scapula and performs downward rotation
Iliocostalisextends vertebral column
Longissimusextends vertebral column
Spinalis Thoracisextends vertebral column

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Section 5

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Pectoralis MajorFlexion, adduction and medial rotation at shoulder
Latissimus DorsiExtension, adduction and medial rotation at shoulder
Deltoidabduction at shoulder
Supraspinatusabduction at shoulder
Subscapularismedial rotation at shoulder
Infraspinatuslateral rotation at shoulder
Teres minorlateral rotation at shoulder
Teres majorextension, adduction and medial rotation at shoulder
Coracobrachialisadduction and flexion at shoulder


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Biceps brachiiflexion at elbow and shoulder supination
Brachialisflexion at elbow
Brachioradialisflexion at elbow
Triceps brachiiextension at elbow


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Pronator terespronation of forearm
Supinatorsupination of forearm
Flexor carpi radialisflexion and abduction at wrist
Palmaris longusflexion at wrist
Flexor carpi ulnarisflexion and adduction at wrist
Flexor digitorum superficialisflexion of finger joints and wrist
Extensor digitorumextension at finger joints and wrist
Extensor carpi ulnarisextension and adduction at wrist


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Psoas majorflexion at hip
Iliacusflexion at hip
Gluteus maximusextension and lateral rotation at hip
Gluteus mediusabduction and medial rotation at hip
Tensor fasciae lataeflexes and medially rotates hip
Adductor longusadduction, flexion and medial rotation at hip
Adductor magnusadduction at hip


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Pectineusflexion, medial rotation and adduction at hip
Gracilisflexion at knee; adduction and medial rotation at hip
Biceps femorisflexion at knee; extends and laterally rotates hip
Semitendinosusflexion at knee; extend and medially rotate hip
Semimembranosusflexion at knee; extend and medially rotate hip
Rectus femorisextension at knee; flexion at hip


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Vastus lateralisextension at knee
Vastus medialisextension at knee
Vastus intermediusextension at knee


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Sartoriusflexion at knee; flex and laterally rotate hip
Tibialis anteriordorsiflexion at ankle; inversion of foot
Fibularis longuseversion of foot, plantar flexion at ankle
Gastrocnemiusplantar flexion at ankle; inversion of foot; flexion at knee
Soleusplantar flexion at ankle
Tibialis posterioradduction and inversion of foot; plantar flexion at ankle

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Section 7

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Flexor Pollicus Longusflexes digital phalanx of thumb
Flexor Digitorum Profundusflexes distal interphalangeal joints
Extensor Carpi Ulnarisextends wrist; adducts wrist
Extensor Digitorumprimer mover of finger extension
Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevisextends and abducts wrist
Extensor Carpi Raidialis Longusextends wrist; abducts wrist
Extensor Pollicus Brevisextends thumb
Extensor Pollicus Longus extends thumb
Supinatorassists biceps brachii to forcibly supinate forearm

Section 8

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Pectoralis Majorprimer mover of arm flexion; rotates arm medially; adducts arm
Supraspinatusiniates adduction; stabilize shoulder joint
Infraspinatusrotates humerus laterally
Teres Minorrotates humers laterally
Teres Majorextends; medially rotates and adducts humerus
Subscapularischief medially rotator of humerus
Deltoidprimer mover of arm abduction when all its fibers contract simultaneously

Section 9

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Vastus Lateralisextends and stablizes knee
Vastus Medialisextends knee
Vastus Intermediusextends knee
Tensor Fasciae Lataesteadies knee and trunk on thigh by making iliotibial tract taut
Gluteus Maximusmajor extensor of thigh
Gluteus Mediusabducts and medially rotates thigh
Piriformisrotatoes extended thigh laterally
Guadratus Femorisrotates thigh laterally and stabilizes hio joint

Section 10

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Biceps Femorisextends thigh and flexes knee
Semitendinosusextends thigh and flexes knee
Semimembranosusextends thigh and flexes knee
Tibialis Anteriorprimer mover of dorsiflexion
Extensor Digitorum Longusprimer mover of toe extension
Extensor Hallicus Longusextends great toe
Fibularis Longusplantar flexes and everts foot
Fibularis Brevisplantar flexes and everts foot

Section 11

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Gastrocnemiusplantar flexes foot
Soleusplantar flexes foot
Plantarisassists in knee flexion and plantar flexion of foot
Popliteusflexes and rotates leg medially to uinlock extended knee when flexion begins
Flexor Digitorum Longusplantar flexes and inverts foot; flexes toes
Flexor Hallicus Longusplantar flxes and inverts foot; flexes great toe at all joints
Tibialis Posteriorprimer mover of foot inversion

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