Specific muscles and function

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Section 2

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Buccinatorcompresses cheek; whistling or sucking
Sternocleidomastoidflexes and laterally rotates the head
Splenius Capitisextrend or hyperextend head
Trapeziusstablizes, raises, retracts and rotates the scapula
Latissimus Dorsiprime mover of arm extension; powerful arm adductor; mediall rotates at shoulder
Rhomboids Majorstabilize scapula
Erector Spinaeprimer mover of back extension

Section 3

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Pectoralis Minorwith ribs fixed, draws scapula forward and downward
Pectoralis Majorprimer mover of arm flexion, rotates arm medially , adducts arm
Serratus Anteriorrotates scapula so that is inferior angle moves laterally and upward
Rectus Abdominisflexes and rotate lumbar region of vertebral column
External Obliqueflexes vertebral column and compresses abdominal wall; trunk rotation and lateral flexion

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Section 5

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Sartoriusflexes, abducts and laterally rotates thight; flexes knee
Adductor Magnusadducts and medially rotates and flexes thigh
Adductor Longusadducts, flexes and medially rotates thigh
Pectineusadducts, flexes and medially rotates thigh
Gracilisadducts thigh, flexes and medially rotates leg
Rectoris Femorisextends knee and flexes thigh at hip

Section 6

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Triceps Brachiipowerful forearm extensor
Biceps Brachiiflexes elbow joint and supinates forearm
Brachialisa major forearm flexor
Brachioradialissyngergist in forearm flexion
Pronator Terespronates forearm
Flexor Carpi Radialispowerful flexor of wrist; adducts hand
Palmaris Longustenses skin and fascia of palm during hand movement
Flexor Carpi Ulnarispowerful flexor of wrist; also adducts hand

Section 7

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Extensor Carpi Ulnarisextends wrist; adducts wrist
Extensor Digitorumprimer mover of finger extension
Extensor Carpi Radialisextends and abducts wrist

Section 8

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Pectoralis Majorprimer mover of arm flexion; rotates arm medially; adducts arm
Supraspinatusiniates adduction; stabilize shoulder joint
Infraspinatusrotates humerus laterally
Teres Minorrotates humers laterally
Teres Majorextends; medially rotates and adducts humerus
Subscapularischief medially rotator of humerus
Deltoidprimer mover of arm abduction when all its fibers contract simultaneously

Section 9

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Vastus Lateralisextends and stablizes knee
Vastus Medialisextends knee
Vastus Intermediusextends knee
Tensor Fasciae Lataesteadies knee and trunk on thigh by making iliotibial tract taut
Gluteus Maximusmajor extensor of thigh
Gluteus Mediusabducts and medially rotates thigh

Section 10

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Biceps Femorisextends thigh and flexes knee
Semitendinosusextends thigh and flexes knee
Semimembranosusextends thigh and flexes knee
Tibialis Anteriorprimer mover of dorsiflexion
Extensor Digitorum Longusprimer mover of toe extension
Extensor Hallicus Longusextends great toe

Section 11

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Gastrocnemiusplantar flexes foot
Soleusplantar flexes foot
Flexor Digitorum Longusplantar flexes and inverts foot; flexes toes
Flexor Hallicus Longusplantar flxes and inverts foot; flexes great toe at all joints
Tibialis Posteriorprimer mover of foot inversion

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