Specialties and pathology of the endocrine system

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endocrinologista physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and malfunctions of the endocrine glands
certified diabetes educatorhealth care professional qualified to teach people with the diabetes how to manage their disease
acromegalya rare chronic disease characterized by abnormal enlargement of the extremities caused by excessive secretion of growth hormone AFTER puberty
gigantismabnormal growth of the entire body caused by excessive secretion of growth hormone BEFORE puberty
hyperpituitarismthe excess secretion of growth hormone that causes acromegaly and gigantism
short staturesometimes caused by deficient secretion of growth hormone
pituitary adenomapituitary tumor
functioning pituitary tumorsoften produce hormones in large and unregulated amounts
nonfunctioning pituitary tumorsdo not produce any significant amounts of hormones
galactorrheaa condition in which an excess of prolactin causes the breasts to produce milk spontanneously
prolactinomaa benign tumor of the pituitary gland;can cause infertility in women and erectile dysfunction in men and can impair vision

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diabetes insipiduscaused by an insufficient production of the antidiuretic hormone ADH or by the inability of the kidneys to respond appropriately to this hormone
syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormonecaused by the OVERPRODUCTION of the anti-diuretic hormone ADL;keeps the kidneys from excreting water, resulting in bloating and water retention that can dilute the blood, causing eletrolyte imbalances
pinealomaa tumor that can disrupt the production of malatonin and can cause insomnia by disrupting the circadian cycle
thyroid carcinomathyroid cancer
Hashimoto's diseaseautoimmune disease in which the body's own antibodies attack and destroy the cells of the thyroid gland
hypothyroidismcaused by a deficiency of thyroid secretion; symptoms include fatigue, depression, sensitivity to cold and a decreased metabolic rate
cretinismcongenital form of hypothyroidism which can cause arrested physical and mental development
myxedemaadult hypothroidism; caused by an extreme deficiency of thyroid secretion;symptoms include swelling, fatigue and subnormal temperature

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thyroid noduleslumps in the thyroid that can grow large enough to cause a goiter
thyroid stormrelatively rare, life-threatening condition caused by exaggerated hyperthyroidism;symptoms include fever, chest pain,palpitations, shortness of breath, tremors, increased sweating, disorientation and fatigue
hyperthyroidismcauses an imbalance in metabolism; symptoms-increased metabolic rate, sweating, nervousness and weight loss
Graves' diseasea disorder of unknown cause in which the immune system attacks the thyroid gland and stimulates it to make excessive amouonts of thyroid hormone
goiterabnormal nonmalignant enlargement of the thyroid gland;produces swelling in the front of the neck
exophthalmosabnormal protrusion of the eye ball out of its orbit
hyperparathyroidismcausing hypercalcemia
hypercalcemiacan lead to weakened bones and kidney stones
hypoparathyroidism, causing hypocalcemia or tetany
tetanythe condition of periodic, painful muscle spasms and tremors
hypocalcemiacharacterized by abnormally low levels of calcium in blood

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