Specialities and pathologies of the ear

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audiologistspecializes in the measurement of hearing function and in the rehabilitation of persons with hearing impairment
impacted cerumenaccumulation of earwax that forms a solid mass
otitisinflammation of the ear
otitis externaswimmer's ear; inflammation of the external auditory canal
otomycosisfungal infection of the external auditory canal
otopyorrheaflow of pus from the ear
otorrheaany discharge from the ear
otorrhagiableeding from the ear

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barotraumapressure-related ear condition
cholesteatomapearly tumor; destructive epidermal cyst in the middle ear and/or mastoid process made up of epthelial cells and cholesterol
mastoiditisinflammation of any part of the mastoid bone cells
infectious myringitiscontagious inflammation that causes painful blisters on the eardrum
otitis mediainflammation of the middle ear
acute otitis mediausually associated with an upper respiratory infection
serous otitis mediafluid buildup in the middle ear without symptoms of infection
otosclerosisankylosis of the bones of the middle ear
labyrinthitisinflammation of the labyrinth that can result in vertigo and deafness
vertigosense of whirling, dizziness, and loss of balance
Meniere's diseaserare chronic disorder in which the amount of fluid in the inner ear increases intermittently; producing attacks of vertigo
tinnitusringing, buzzing or roaring sound in one or both ears

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acoustic neuromabrain tumor that develops adjacent to the cranial nerve running from the brain to the inner ear
presbycusisgradual loss of sensorineural hearing due to age
conductive hearing lossoccurs when sound waves are prevented from passing from the air to the fluid-filled inner ear
sensorineural hearing lossnerve deafness; develops when the auditory nerve or hair cells in the inner ear are damaged
noise-induced hearing losstype of nerve deafness caused by repeated exposure to extremely loud noises, or to moderately loud noises that continue for long periods of time
decibelmeasurement of the loudness of sound

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