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Spurling TestNarrowing of neural foramina, extend c-spine and sidebend toward side being tested and push down on head
Wallenberg TestVertebral artery insufficiency, hold head in various positions while supine, positive if dizzy, visual changes
Adson's Testtest if neurovascular bundle is compromised by tight scalenes, monitor pulse and extend arm, take deep breath, and turn head toward that side, positive with decreased or absent pulse
Apley Scratchtest ROM of shoulder
Drop arm testtest rotator cuff, positive if cannot lower arm smoothly or if drops to side from 90 degrees
Yergason's Teststability of biceps tendon in the biceptal groove,
Allen's testtests blood supply to hand, occlude radial and ulnar artiers to wrist, palm pale, release one and should flush quickly
Finkelstein's testtests tenosynovitis in the abductor and extensor pollicis tendons, make fist, doctor deviates wrist ulnarly. Positive with pain over tendons at wrist. De Quervain's disease
Phalens testtests for carpal tunnel, flexes wrists for one minute, if tingling of thumb, index, or middle finger, or middle/lat portion of ring finger it is positive
Reverse Phalen (prayer) testtests for carpal tunnel. extend wrist and grip physicians hand, after one minute if tingling in carpal tunnel region, its positive
Tinel testcarpal tunnel, tapping on wirst
Hip drop testtests for sidebending of the lumbar spine and thoracolumbar junction while standing
straight leg raise test (lasegue test)tests for sciatic nerve compression, supine and lift leg
Trendelenberg's testtests gluteus medius strength, patient lifts one leg off of the floor, pelvis should stay level, if not, its positive on the side of leg on the ground
Ober's testdetects a tight tensor fascia lata and iliotibial band, patient lies with side being tested up, flex knee and abduct hip, thigh should fall toward table
Fabrere (Patrick) testassess pathology of SI joint and for osteoarthritis of hip, range of motion testing of hip
Thomas testtests for flexion contracture of the hip, usually iliopsoas, flex hip and knee so that thigh touches abdomen, if opposite leg raises it is positive
Anterior drawer testtests ACL, positive if tibia slides out anterior from femur
Posterior drawer testtests PCL, positive if tibia slides posterior from femur
Bounce Home Testmeniscal tear or joint effusion
Apley compression and distraction testassesses the meniscus and ligaments of the knee
Lachman's TestACL test, more accurate, knee brought up off table
McMurray's testtests posterior aspect of meniscus for tear both medial and lateral, lift leg, flex knee, external rotate+valgus for medial, internal rotate+varus for lateral
Patellar grind testtests for posterior articular surfaces of the patella and chrondromalacia patellae, patellofemoral syndrome


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