Special relativity

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what did the ether theory predictthe time taken for light to travel perpendicular to the movement of the earth is shorter than the time taken for light to travel the same distance parallel
what is absolute motionmotion that isn't dependent on the motion of the observe
describe the michelson morley experimenta light beam from a light source is split into two light beams by a glass block incident at 45degrees to the beam; 1 beam goes through the block, goes through a compensator block, reflects off a mirror, and is partially reflected to a viewing telescope; the other is partially reflected, reflects off a mirror and travels through the original glass block to the viewing telescope; rotating the apparatus 90degrees would swap the beam directions relative to the earths motion, causing a reversing of the difference intravel times of the 2 beams' and a change in interfernce patterns
why is the compensator present in michelson morley experimentto ensure both beams travel through the same thickness of glass as light slows down in glass, otherwise the two wave trains would not overlap
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 2 laws of einstein's theory of relativityphysical laws have the same form in all inertial reference frames + the speed of light is invariant
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAwhat does invariant meanalways the same and independent of the motion of the light source and the observer
what is an inertial reference frameframes of reference in which speed is constant