SPCM 203 Final Part 1

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Question Answer
For Pierce, the relationship between the signifier and the signified is referential. The signifier ______ to the signified.refers
___________ is indexical, whereas beauty is __________.Attractiveness, symbolic
The Elaboration Likelihood Model assumes that __________.people are cognitive misers
__________ occurs when the fear of being accused of lying is mistaken for the fear of getting caught.Othello's error
A text with many possible meanings is called __________.Polysemic
For the __________, the relationship between signifier and the signified is by __________.index, necessity
According to medium theory, the era of communication technology dominated by talking is reffered to as the __________ age.Oral
Every text is __________, which is to say it is understood within a person's field of persuasive experience.Intertext
__________ predicts that poor communication reduces the perceived attractiveness of the communicator.Interaction appearance theory
The study of how messages create and/or reflect meaning is called __________.communication
For the __________, the relationship between the signifier and the signified is by __________.icon, analogy
A(n) ____________ occurs when a person's behavior suggest the possibility of a lie; whereas __________ occurs when someone mistakenly reveals the truth while lying.deception clue, leakage
The__________ of a sign is perceived with the five senses (i.e., it is empirical).signifier
__________ occurs when a group is singled out as the cause for all of society's problems.Scapegoating
Surprise is a(n) __________ emotionneutral
What kind of sign is the American flag?symbol
A __________ character possesses a few dominating traits and is predictable.flat
Although the experience of emotion is universal, its __________ are cultural.displays
People engaged in __________ are more likely to believe that a higher priced product is essentially better than lower priced item.peripheral processing
Emotions are a response to the relationship between __________ and __________.a person, the environment
A(n) __________ concerns preferences.Attitude
Persuasion concerns situations in which beliefs, attitudes, values, and behaviors are __________.converted, weakened, or strengthened.
This element of the four factor theory of deception detection observes that while liars attend to information rich channels, like the eyes and face, they forget about the res of their body and provide deception clues through fidgeting.Attempted control
The claim that oral societies are communal and egalitarian is an illustration of __________ medium theory.Macro
The joy associated with a lie is called __________duping delight
Deconstruction is an interpretive technique that seeks out and disrupts __________.linguistic binaries
A very important narrative event is generally reffered to as a __________satellite
__________ refers to dividing the world into the forces of good and evil.Dualism
__________ is a negative affect in response to injusticeAnger
What kind of sign is a picture of Mickey Mouse.Icon
On average __________ are considered the most attractive and physically fit for reproducing a species.Symmetrical bodies
__________ is a negative affect in response to pending danger.fear
__________ is a narrative frame that views the world as "governed by powerful evildoers who control politics, the economy, and all of history."Conspiracism
__________ favors literate modes of thinking, which is to say linear and abiding by complicated grammars of logicCentral processing
According to the Elaboration Likelihood Model, __________ requires both motivation and ability.Central processing
The __________ offer the most reliable manifestations of emotional expression.Eyebrows
Which paradigm of cognitive dissonance theory makes a current attitude accessible, reminds subjects of failure to act consistent with that attitude and ultimately, provides subjects with an opportunity to act consistent with the accessible attitude.Hypocrisy
__________ is the element of the four factor theory which explains that liars use fewer words.Cognitive factors
Which paradigm of cognitive dissonance theory predicts that suffering in pursuit of a desired goal produces dissonance that is reduced by bolstering cognitions supporting the goal?Effort Justification
In the context of persuasion, __________ concern what is or is not.Beliefs
What are four distinct signs of attractiveness?Symmetrical faces, a mix of baby-like and adult features, The golden ratio (1:1.618), and Koinophilia (average faces are the best).

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