Spanish Subj. - Impersonal Opinion

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Question Answer
conviene queit is advisable that
es fantástico queit is fantastic that
es importante queit is important that
es imposible queit is impossible that
es improbable queit is unlikely that
es increíble queit is incredible that
es (una) lástima queit is a pity that; it is a shame that
es mejor queit is better that
es necesario queit is necessary that
es posible queit is possible that
es probable queit is probable that
es preferible queit is preferable that
es ridículo queit is ridiculous that
es terrible queit is terrible that
es dudoso queit is doubtful that
más vale queit is better that
ojalá queI hope (that); if only he (it,they,etc.) would, could, might, God Willing (that)
puede ser queit may be that
hace falta queit is necessary