Spanish Spellings Term 3 Yr8

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Section 1

Question Answer
Where did you go?Adonde Fuiste
I went to ChinaFui a Cuba
I went to SpainFui a Espana
I went to GermayFui a Alemania
I went to MexicoFui a Mexico
I wen to EnglandGui a Inglaterra
How was it?Como fue?
It was brilliantFue genial
It was boringGue un desastre
Who did you go with?Con quien fuiste?
I went with my parentsFui con mis padres
I went with my familyFui con mi famillia
went with my friendsFui con mis amigos

Section 2

Question Answer
How did you go?Como fuiste?
I went by coachFui en autocar
I went by planeFui en avion
I went by trainFui en tren
I went by carFui en coche
I went by skateboardFui en monopatin
I went by bicycleFui en bicicleta
I went on footFui a pie
I went/IwasFui
You (s) went/You (s) wereFuiste
He/She/it went He/She/It wasFue
We went/We wereFuimos
You (pl) went/ You (pl) wereFuisteis
They went/ They wereFueron

Section 3

Question Answer
What did you do?Que hiciste?
I vistited monumentsVisite monumentos
I dancedBaile
I rode a bikeMonte en bicicleta
I restedDescanse
I sent messagesMande mensajes
I listerned to musicEscuche musica
I sunbathedTome el sol
I took photosSaque Fotos
I played volleyball on the beachJugue al voleibol en la playa
I went on a tripFui de excursion
I bought presentsCompre regalos
I swam in the seaNade en el mar

Section 4

Question Answer
What sort of time did you have?Que tal lo pasaste?
I had a fantastic time!Lo pase bomba!
I had a wonderful time!Lo pase fenomenal!
I had a great time!Lopase guay!
I had a good time!Lo pase bien!
I had a bad time!Lo pase mal!
When did you go?Cuando fuiste?
I went last yearFuielano pasado
I went last summerFui el verano pasado
I went last winterFui el invierno pasado
How much time did you spend?Cuanto tiempo pasaste alli?
I spent ten daysase diez dias
I spent a weekPase una semana
I spent two weeksPase dos semanas
I spent one monthPase un mes

Section 5

Question Answer
I normally go to ItalyNormalmente voy a Italia
Last year I went to CubaEl ano pasado fui a Cuba
Generally I go by boatGeneralmente voy en barco
Last summer i went by planeEl verano pasado ful en avion
I stay at homeMe quedo en casa
I PaintPinto
I rest Descanso
What do you do?Que haces?
What did you do?Que hiciste?
Wat was the weather like?Que tiempo hizo?
It was hotHizo calor
It was sunnyHizo sol
The weather was goodHizo buen tiempo
The weather was badHizo mal tiempo
It rainedLiovio