Spanish Chapter 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
Buenos DiasGood morning
Buenas NochesGood night
Hasta la vistaSee ya later
Hasta prontoSee ya soon
Como se llama usted?Whats your name
Le presento aI would like to introduce you to...
Te presento aI would like to introduce you to
el nombrename
Como estasHow are you
No muy biennot very well
Que pasaWhats happening/ whats going on
por favorplease
De nadaYou're welcome
No hay de queYou're welcome
Lo siento/perdonI'm sorry
Graciasthank you
Muchas graciasThank you very much

Section 2

Question Answer
Como se llama usted?Whats your name
Quien es/ quienes sonWho is/Who are
Tu eres... verdad? Cierto? no?You are... right?
Que hay en esta cosaWhats in this thing
Bueno, a ver, aqui hay tres cuardernosWell, let's see, here are three notebooks
Como se dice?How do you say
se diceyou say
Que hora es?What time is it?
Con permiso.Pardon me.
Bienvenido/aYou're welcome
Como te/le va?How are things going for you?
Cuanto tiempo!It's been a long time!
Hasta horaSee you soon
Que hay?Whats new?