Spanish American War

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Monroe DoctrineUS policy that asserted that the Western Hemisphere was not to be further colonized by European countries and if they did, US could intervene. TDR used this policy to justify his actions in Latin America against European aggression.
Spanish American War1895, Cuban Jose Marti led a war of independence from Spain. US suported the Cubans and helped them get rid of Spain control. 1898, Spanish ambassador called President McKinley a weak + stupid politician AND Maine (American battleship) was exploded in Havana harbor--> Americans were outraged, 1898: Congress made Teller Amendment. Spain declared war on US. The American victory gave the United States control over Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, and the Philippines.
USS MainePresident McKinley sent this battleship to Havana, Cuba to settle dispute with Spain. After the Maine blows up, Americans and yellow press blamed the Spanish--> 1898, McKinley asks Congress for permission to go to war against Spain. Spain declares war on US
Yellow JournalismGreatly exaggerated newspaper stories which ultimately led to the War of 1898 (Spanish-American War). William Hearst and Pulitzer heightened public’s dislike of the Spanish govt, exaggerated Spanish atrocities and compared Cuban rebels to patriots of American Revolution
Roosevelt Corollaryupdated the Monroe Doctrine for economic imperialism. New Latin American policy said: US would act as police power. Latin Americans are angered by this and led army of guerrillas against US marines. Led to Taft replacing TDR as president and switched to Dollar Diplomacy.
Motives for Imperislismgained economic benefits, national superiority, + military strength. Imperial countries took resources from the colonies (US had surplus of goods). US was naval power, wanted to acquire bases in foreign countries. US used social Darwinism to justify imperialism. There is a growing competition over colonies
Panama Canal1903, US bought panama canal for $40 million. Needed the consent of Colombian govt, Panama gave US control over 'Canal Zone'. Panama Canal opened in 1914, was 8,000 miles long.
Great White Fleetname given to the U.S. Naval fleet by President Theodore Roosevelt