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Sun Flares and Sun Spots

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What is a sun flare?During periods of high solar activity, the Sun commonly releases massive amounts of gas into its atmosphere.
What is a sun spot, and what are the parts of one?A dark spot on the Sun, which is cooler than the rest of the surface. The dark inside region is the umbra. The surrounding lighter area is the penumbra.


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Define a satellite.A satellite is an object that orbits a planet or a larger body.
Define a natural satelliteA natural satellite is not man-made. It is another celestial body.
Define an artificial satelliteArtificial satellites were created by humans. They have different purposes, such as communication satellites, weather satellites and satellites that monitor other planets.
Give 1 example of an artificial satellite.Sputnik 1


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What is an asteroid?An asteroid is a large rock is outer space. Some can be very large, while others can be as small as a grain of sand. Because they are small, they do not have enough gravity to pull themselves into a sphere.
Where are asteroids?The majority of asteroids are in the Asteroid Belt.
Where is the Asteroid Belt?The Asteroid Belt is between Mars and Jupiter. It is a giant ring of rocks, or asteroids.


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What is a comet?Comets are small, irregularly shaped bodies composed mostly of a mixture of ice, dust, and carbon.
What are the parts of a comet?There are 3 distinct parts. A nucleus, a coma, and a tail. The nucleus is the solid core, which develops a coma with a tail/s when it is close to the sun. The coma is the is a dusty, fuzzy cloud around the nucleus. The tail extends from the comet and points away from the sun.
Where are comets?Most comets are in the Kuiper Belt.
Where is the Kuiper Belt?The Kuiper Belt is way out past the orbit of Pluto.
What is the Kuiper Belt?The Kuiper Belt is a giant ring around the Sun. Instead of asteroids, it has icy comets instead.

Oort Cloud

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What is the Oort Cloud?The Oort Cloud is a theoretical "cloud" (sphere) of icy debris that circle the sun at a great distance. The celestial bodies in the Oort Cloud do not all go the same way, they circle the Sun in every direction.
How far is the Oort Cloud from the Sun.The Oort Cloud is about 13 trillion miles from the Sun, and surrounds the Sun and everything around the Sun.


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What is a constellation?Constellations are stars connected in a specific pattern/shape against the sky. They are used to tell which stars are which, since there are so many of them in the sky sometimes.
How are constellations named?Constellations are named after characters of ancient Greek mythology.
What is astronomy?Astronomy is the study of stars, planets, and other things related to space. It is the oldest science.
Give 3 names of constellations and what they representOrion (the hunter), Ursa Major (the Greater Bear), and Big Dipper (part of Ursa Major, an asterism)
Why do we have Zodiac signs for each month?There are 12 Zodiac Constellations, each appearing in the sky for about one month. Your sign is decided by which constellation was visible.


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What is a meteoroid?A meteoroid is a piece of stone/metal-like debris which travels in outer space. Most meteoroids are no bigger than a pebble, while large ones are believed to come from the asteroid belt.
What is a meteor?If a meteoroid falls into the Earth's atmosphere, it will heat up and start to glow. This meteoroid is now a meteor.
What is a meteorite?Most meteoroids burn up before hitting the ground, but sometimes there is some remaining part. If it strikes the Earth, it is a meteorite.


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The gravity on the moon is ______ than Earthweaker
What are the dark areas on the moon called, and what are they?maria, flat plains
What are the light areas?mountains and highlands
What is the temperature range on the moon?100 to -160 C
How many phases are there?8
How long does it take to go through all moon phases?about a month
Why does a moon's appearance change?It depends on the position of the sun, the moon, and earth. The moon's appearance changes because of the way it reflects light from the sun.
What does waning mean?It is the word used for when the visible part of the moon is decreasing (usually).
What does waxing mean?It is the word used for when the visible part of the moon is increasing (usually).
Describe new moon.It is when the moon is not visible from Earth.
Name all the moon phases.New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Waning Crescent.
Who first walked on the moon?Neil Armstrong


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What is an Eclipse?It is when one celestial body moves into the shadow of another. It requires 3 or more celestial bodies to get aligned in a straight line.
What is a Partial Eclipse?It happens when only part of the celestial body is covered in shadow. The sun will still shine some light on the said celestial body.
What is a Total Eclipse?The celestial body is completely covered.


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What is a Lunar Eclipse?It is when the Moon is in the Earth's shadow. The moon will appear differently, since it does not create its own light.
When can a Lunar Eclipse happen?Only when there is a full moon.
What happens to the Moon's appearance when a Lunar Eclipse happens?Very often, the moon will appear a deep red or orange colour.
Why does the Moon change it's appearance when a Lunar Eclipse happens?When there is a Lunar Eclipse, the sunlight first must pass deep through Earth's atmosphere. This filters out most of the blue light from the Sun. The remaining light is reddish, which reflects onto the moon.


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What is a Solar Eclipse?It is when the Earth is in the Moon's shadow.
When can a Solar Eclipse happen?It can only happen during a New Moon.
What do the Earth, Moon and Sun have to do in order for a Solar Eclipse to happen?The Earth, Moon and Sun must be in a straight line.


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How do tides occur?The moon's gravity is strong enough to pull the ocean water towards itself, which makes water levels higher/lower.
When tides occur, why do both sides of the Earth have high tides?The earth itself is affected by the Moon's gravity, so it is pulled away from the water on the opposite side of the moon.
How does a spring tide happen?When the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in line with each other, they cause higher and lower tides than usual. This is because the sun adds it's own gravitational pull with the moon's.
How often do Spring Tides happen?14 days
How do Neap Tides happen?When the Sun and Moon are at right angles to each other, they pull in different directions. This causes the least difference between high and low tides.


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What are stars made of? (percentages)73% hydrogen, 25% helium, 2% other
Some stars are _____-rich.metal
When the universe was created by the Big Bang, what was it like at first?It was like the inside of a star. (daaamn that's hot)
How were the first ever stars born?When the universe was born, it eventually kept expanding and cooling down. Eventually, the hydrogen and helium cooled down enough, and it could start collecting together with its mutual gravity.
Is the Sun metal-rich or not?The Sun is considered to be a metal-rich star.
How old is the Sun?4.5 billion years


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What is a nebula made of?A nebula is a mixture of hydrogen, helium, dust and plasma.
What do nebula look like?They look like clouds/mist, with pretty-ass colours.
Nebulas are where most ____ are born.stars

Black Holes

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A black hole can be compared to..?a vacuum cleaner
What makes things fall into black holes?The gravity of the black holes.
Can light escape black holes, why or why not?Nah. Gravity pulls in so much even light cannot get out.
Why is the gravity of a black hole so strong?It is because so much matter has been squeezed into very little space.

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