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Question Answer
to findencontrar
to leave behind/ to allow to remaindejar
to seem, appearparacer
to attendasistir
to recognizereconocer
to hold/ to gripsujetar
to showerducharse
to travel/ to visitviajar
to borrow fromprestarse
to promiseprometer
to chatcharlar
to defenddefender
to create/ to makecrear
to try (to attempt)intentar
to go to bedacostarse
to actactuar
to take out, or take (photos, notes)sacar
to drive (a car)manejar
to obtainobtener
to survivesobrevivir
to sitsentar
to feel (emotions, pain, cold...)sentirse
to stab (with a knife)apuñalar
to occupyocupar

Section 2

Question Answer
to breakromper
to meltderretir
to agreeacordar
to treat, handletratar
to crosscruzar
to wish, to desiredesear
to projectproyectar
to stopparar
to hurtdoler
to accept, to approveaceptar
to clean limpiar
to divide, to leave partir
to catch (a bus, train) tomar
to allow permitir
to rest descansar
to have (general existence, temperature) haber
to go ir
to cry llorar
to descend/go down bajar
to humiliate humilar
to maintain mantener
to recieve recibir
to see ver
to boil hervir
to embrace abrazar
to lie about something mentir
to pay pagar
to laugh reír
to exist existir
to explain explicar
to have fun divertirse
to think pensar
to put poner
to kill matar
to cook cocinar
to advise, to councel aconsejar
to send enviar
to dry secar
to suggest sugerir
to appreciate apreciar
to cost costar
to fill llenar
to hate odiar
English Spanish
to fulfill, carry out cumplir
to earn/ to win ganar
to play (an instrument) tocar
to know saber
to comprehend comprender
to turn (a person) volverse
to hear oir
to open abrir
to bake hornear
to form, to shape formar
to raise (children, crops) criar
to read leer
to happen ocurrir
to appear, to show up aparecer
to arrest detener
to reach, to catch up alcanzar
to move mover
to iron planchar
to sew coser
to discover descubrir
to serve servir
to climb subir
to arrive llegar
to learn aprender
to spend money gastar
to fight luchar
to stand up levantarse
to write escribir
to listen escuchar
to leave (a place) salir
to want querer
to freeze congelar
to crash chocar
to love someone amar
to cancel cancelar
to throw tirar
to request pedir
to endure soportar
to come back, to return regresarse
to value something, evaluate valorar
to introduce presentar
to forget olvidar
to turn (a wheel, rotate) girar
to sound sonar
to yell gritar
to hit golpear
to enter entrar
to believe creer
to ride/to mount montar
to indicate mostrar
to decide decidir
to sleep dormir
to smile sonreír
to bring traer
to have tener
to die morir
to study estudiar
to walk caminar
to suppose suponer
to say decir
to jump saltar
to work trabajar
to fry freír
to live vivir
to understand entender
to do/ to make hacer
to talk hablar
English Spanish
to come venir
to give dar
to touch tocar
to be able to poder
to keep, reserve guardar
to save (money) ahorrar
to eat comer
to love something encantarse
to raise levantar
to count, to relate, to tell contar
to look at mirar
to remember recordarse
to feel/take notice of notar
to ask preguntar
to use usar
to put poner
to rain llover
to sing cantar
to prosecute perseguir
to like something gustarse
to breathe respirar
to fly volar
to kick patear
to offer ofrecer
to teach enseñar
to play (ex. sports) jugar
to achieve, attain, accomplish realizar
to buy comprar
to be born nacer
to draw dibujar
to fall caer
to change cambiar
to swim nadar
to dream soñar
to hope, to wait for esperar
to shave afeitarse
to begin empezar
to cough toser
to give dar
to try (to sample) probar
to lose perder
to close cerrar
to sell vender
to finish terminar
to help ayudar
to catch (person, disease) coger
to be ser
to follow seguir
to sneeze estornudar
to wake up despertarse
to rent alquilar
to carry llevar
to demonstrate demostrar
to look for buscar
to change cambiar
to inform informar
to fail suspender
to get, obtain conseguir
to direct dirigir
to assist atender
to thaw descongelar
should deber
to warm calentar
to brush (hair) peinarse
to run correr
to need necesitar