Sp & Def Week 3 Sq 4

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V-A-C-C-I-N-A-T-I-O-Na pharameutical preapration which is given to cause an immune response preparing a body to react effectively against a pathogenic organism or toxin
B-O-D-Y S-U-R-F-A-C-E A-R-E-A(BSA) a highly accurate method for calculating medication dosages for infants and children up to 12 years of age
C-O-M-P-O-U-N-D-I-N-Gcombining two or more substances in definite proportions
H-Y-P-O-X-E-M-I-Alack of oxygen in the blood
M-E-N-I-S-C-U-Scurvature in a liquid's upper surface when a liquid is placed in a container
N-O-M-O-G-R-A-Mgraph that shows the relation among numeric values, used to determine BSA
P-A-R-E-N-T-E-R-A-Linjection of a substance into the body; a route other than the alimentary canal
P-H-Y-T-O-M-E-D-I-C-I-N-E-Sherbs used as medicines; drugs containing plant material as the active ingredient
P-O-R-Tshortened term for portal, an entry way; related to IV therapy, it is an adapter that can serve as additional means for infusing fluids or medications, it can be attached to the primary tubing and can have a needless entry site
P-R-E-C-I-P-I-T-A-T-Esubstance in the form of fine particles that separate, usually falling (precipitating) to the bottom of a solution, if allowed to stand over time
T-A-U-Tto pull, or draw tight, a surface such as skin
R-A-T-I-Othe relationship between amounts showing the number of times one value is contained in another
A-P-O-T-H-E-C-A-R-Ya pharmacist; a pharmacy; a systems used in a pharmacy
M-E-T-R-I-Csystem used throughout the world as the official language of communicating measurement in science and technology; based on decimal increments (multiples of 10)
D-I-A-B-E-T-E-Sdisease caused by a deficiency or absence of insulin, or decreased response to insulin in tissues; 4 types - type 1, type 2, gestational, and diabetes insipidus (not related to insulin deficiency or insensitivity)
K-I-L-O-G-R-A-Ma metric unit of weight equal to 1000 grams
S-U-B-C-U-T-A-N-E-O-U-Sjust below the surface of the skin
I-N-T-R-A-M-U-S-C-U-L-A-Rwithin a muscle
I-N-T-R-A-D-E-R-M-A-Lwithin the dermal layer of skin
V-I-A-Lsmall, sterile, prefilled bottle with rubber stopper containing a parenteral medication
S-Y-R-I-N-G-Ean instrument for injecting liquids into or withdrawing them from any vessel or cavity; classified as hypodermic, TB or intradermal, & insulin
G-A-U-G-En. the diameter of a slender object, ie. a needle; an instrument for displaying measurement; v. measurement according to some standard or system
I-N-T-R-A-V-E-N-O-U-Swithin or into a vein
E-P-I-D-E-R-M-I-Sthe upper or outer layer of the two main layers of cells that make up the skin
C-A-N-N-U-L-Aflexible tube, often containing a trochar (a sharp instrument for inserting the cannula), that is inserted into a body cavity, duct, or vessel to drain fluid or administer a substance such as a medication, ie. an IV cannula