Southeast Asia Review

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What are the three climates of Southeast Asia?tropical rainforest, tropical wet/dry, humid subtropical
what is the predominant climate of Southeast Asia?tropical rainforest
which countries have a humid subtropical climate?Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam
what is the primary process that causes volcano eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes in Southeast Asia?continental shift
what process move tectonic plates, casing subduction?convection currents

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what causes tsunamis?earthquakes
how is the Ring of Fire magma different from the magma in Hawaii?the magma in Hawaii is blocky
How does the blocky lava impact volcanic eruptions in the Ring of Fire?they are slow
During the process of subduction, what is pulled down into the mantle that fosters the creation of magma?water
Why are houses in Cambodia on stilts?because the flood doesn't reach the stilts

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What geographic feature does Laos have that might limit its access to trade?its landlocked
What are the disadvantages of palm oil production in Southeast Asia?deforestation
What are the advantages of palm oil production in Southeast Asia?used in many products
What is the negative impact of deforestation in Southeast Asia?endangering unique animals
In what percentage of products in grocery stores in the US do you find palm oil?50%

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Why is the Strait of Malacca important?It's important for trade
Why did the US bomb Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam war?because Saloth Sar sent weapons
What was the goal of theKhmer Rouge in Cambodia?To restart civilization with year ZERO by removing country of all foreign trade
Who led the Khmer Rouge during its reign of terror?Pol Pot
Who was targeted for execution by the Khmer Rouge?intellectuals and people that had contact with foreign governments
Descrive Pol Pots relocation programmove urban to rural locations and vise versa
What was the economic impact Pol Pits programs on Cambodia?decimated its economy

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