Source Selection Steps

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Question Answer
Step 1Define requirements
Step 2Conduct market research
Step 3Acquisition Strategy Plan and Source Selection Plan
Step 4MIRT (ASP & AP) (1 of 5)
Step 5Acquisition Strategy Panel
Step 6Staff Source Selection Plan
Step 7Develop RFP and SRB
Step 8MIRT (Review L & M) (2 of 5)
Step 9Peer Review (Prior to RFP Release) (1 of 3)
Step 10Business Clearance (Release RFP)
Step 11Post Synopsis for NOCA
Step 12Release RFP - Min 30 days (45 days R&D)
Step 13Train Source Selection Evaluation Team (SSET)
Step 14Receive Past Performance
Step 15Receive Proposals
Step 16Evaluate Proposals
Step 17MIRT (Competitive Range) (3 of 5)
Step 18Competitive Range Briefing to SSA
Step 19Evaluation Notices
Step 20MIRT (FPR Request) (4 of 5)
Step 21Peer Review (FPR) (2 of 3)
Step 22Contract Clearance (Send FPR)
Step 23FPR - Send, receive, and evaluate
Step 24MIRT (Source Selection Decision Brief) (5 of 5)
Step 25Peer Review (3 of 3)
Step 26Contract Clearance (Award)
Step 27Send SF 1279 to SAF/LLP
Step 28Source Selection Decision Brief to SSA
Step 29Source Selection Decision
Step 30Send Successful Offeror Identity to SAF/LLP
Step 31Award
Step 32Debriefings
Step 33Protests