Source of Constitution

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Question Answer
Federal SchemeGovernment of India Act of 1935
Office of governorGovernment of India Act of 1935
JudiciaryGovernment of India Act of 1935
Public Service CommissionsGovernment of India Act of 1935
Emergency provisionsGovernment of India Act of 1935
Administrative detailsGovernment of India Act of 1935
Parliamentary governmentBritish Constitution
Rule of LawBritish Constitution
legislative procedureBritish Constitution
single citizenshipBritish Constitution
cabinet systemBritish Constitution
Prerogative writsBritish Constitution
parliamentary privilegesBritish Constitution
bicameralismBritish Constitution
Fundamental rightsUS Constitution
Independence of judiciaryUS Constitution
Judicial reviewUS Constitution
Impeachment of the presidentUS Constitution
Removal of Supreme Court and high court judgesUS Constitution
Post of vice-presidentUS Constitution
Directive Principles of State PolicyIrish Constitution
Nomination of mem-bers to Rajya SabhaIrish Constitution
Method of election of presidentIrish Constitution
Federation with a strong CentreCanadian Constitution
Vesting of residuary powers in the CentreCanadian Constitution
Appointment of state governors by the CentreCanadian Constitution
Advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme CourtCanadian Constitution
Concurrent ListAustralian Constitution
Freedom of tradeAustralian Constitution
Commerce and inter-courseAustralian Constitution
Joint sitting of the two Houses of ParliamentAustralian Constitution
Suspension of Fundamental Rights during EmergencyWeimar Constitution of Germany
Fundamental dutiesSoviet Constitution(USSR, now Russia)
Ideal of justice (social, economic and political) in the PreambleSoviet Constitution(USSR, now Russia)
Republic French Constitution
Ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity in the PreambleFrench Constitution
Procedure for amendment of the ConstitutionSouth African Constitution
Election of members of Rajya SabhaSouth African Constitution
Procedure established by LawJapanese Constitution

Tricks to remember

Canadian Constitution"Can I know Feds Appointed Governors Add Res - Federation with strong centre, Appointment of SG by centre, Advisory jurisdiction of SC, Residuary powers with centre"
USA"Impeached President needs Fund for Readership Programme for VP and Judges - Presidents impeachment, FR, Removal of SC, HC Judges, Preamble, VP Post, Independence of Judicary and Judicial Review"
Irish"Ellens DP IS No 1 - Election of President, DPSP, Ireland, Nomination of Members of RS"
UK"Primarily Sin Bi is a Complicated Law - Prerogative writs, Single Citizenship, Bicameralism and Parliamentary system ,their previliges, Cabinet system, CAG, Rule of Law and Law making procedure"
Australian"TCS Trade, Commerce and intercourse freedom , Concurrent list , Sitting Joint"
South AfricaGandhi wanted to Amend Constitution and wanted to get elected to RS

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