Somatic Nervous System

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Section 1

Question Answer
meissner's corpusclefast adapting receptor
hair root plexusfast adapting receptor
merkel's discs slow adapting receptor
ruffini's corpusclesslow adapting receptor

Section 2

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pacinian corpuscledeep pressure fast adapting
rufini's corpusclescontinous pressure slow adapting
meissner's corpusclelow frequency vibration
pacinian corpusclehigh frequency vibration
free nerve endingitch from alergen or chemical irritant
free nerve endingtickle when someone else touches

Section 3

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muscle spindlemonitor muscle length part of stretch reflex in muscle
golgi tendon organsbetween muscle and tendon causes muscle to relax lower tension on tendon
joint kinesthetic receptorssynovial capsule of joint respond to pressure in joint

Section 4

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fast paintype a neuron deep cuts injections
slow painType C neuron scrapes abrasions burn stings aches
superficial somatic painin skin sharper defined sensations
deep somatic painin muscle and joints deeper burning sensations
visceral painin organs usually unaware
referred painpain in remote site of injury heart attack pain in arm/jaw
chronic painpain past expected healing time
phantom painpain from loss of appendage pain relief analgesia

Section 5

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fasciculus gracilisfine touch pressure proprioception from inferior half of body contralateral
fasciculus cuneatusfine touch pressure prorpioception from superior half of body contralateral
posterior spinocerebellar tractproprio. to cerebellum from upper trunk and arms ipsilateral
anterior spnocerebellar tractproprio to cerebellum from lower trunk and legs ipsilateral
anterior spinothalmic tractcrude touch pressure tickle and itch contralateral
lateral spinothalmic tractpain and temp contralateral

Section 6

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corticobublar pathwayvol.M of head and face contra
lateral corticospinal pathwayVol M. of trunk neck limbs contra
anterior corticospinal pathwayvol. M of neck and trunk contra
rubrospinal pathwaycoordinate movement of hands and fingers through red nucleus contra
tectospinal pathwaymove head and neck in response to auditory stimulus superior colliculi con
vestibulospinal pathwaymaintain posture and balance w/vestibule in inner ear ipsilateral
reticulospinal pathwayvol M. for posture adjustment con or ipsilateral