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SolutionHomogenous mixture of two or more substances in a single physical state
SolutionDoes not have parts that can be distinguished from one another
(1) Particles are small, (2) Particles are evenly distributed, (3) Particles will not separate, (4) Particles are either broken down or dissolved, (5) Not every substance dissolves every other substance5 Properties of SOLUTION
AlloysMost common solid solutions contain 2 or more metals
AlloysFormed by melting the components metals, mixing and then cooling off
Aqueous solution Solutions with water as the solvent
ElectrolyteSubstance that dissolves in water to form a solution that conducts an electric current
MiscibleCan mix in any amount
ImmiscibleLiquids that cannot mix in any proportions
Soluble/SoluteCapable of being dissolve
Insoluble/SolventSubstance that does not dissolve in another
Babbit, Bell metal, Coinage bronze, 16 karat gold, Sterling, Nichrome6 Types of alloy