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Question Answer Column 3
Alluvial Soils-humus wheat, sugarcane, cotton and jute Great Northern plain, lower valleys of Narmada and Tapti and Northern Gujarat.
Black Soils-(Lime, Fe, Mg and Potash)Rice, wheat, sugarcane and cotton groundnut, millet and oilseeds. volcanic rocks concentrated over Deccan- Maharashtra, CG, MP, Gujarat, AP and TN.
Arid SoilsOnly drought-resistant crops such as barley and millet
Mountain Soilsaccumulation of organic matter derived from forest growth. Tea is grown in those areas which receive sufficient rainfall.
Laterite Soils -acidic soil and rich iron, red appearance. Cash crops such as cashew, rubber, coconut, tea and coffee.Kerala, TN, M, CG Orissa and Assam.
Desert SoilsIn the desert regions of Rajasthanhigh salt content and saline layer forms a hard crust
Red and Yellow Soils - iron oxide & Hydroxides grow rice, wheat, sugarcane, millet, groundnut, ragi and potato.ancient metamorphic rocks of Deccan Plateau Mh, CG, KR, Orrissa AP and TN
Soils macro-nutrient N P K and Ca Mg S