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Question Answer
Ball hit with a high, arcing trajectory.Fly ball
Pitch that travels outside the strike zone that the hitter does not swing at. Four balls result in a walk.Ball
Scored when an offensive player safely tags home plateRun
A ball that a batter swings at and misses, hits foul, or fails to swing at that crosses the strike zone. A batter strikes out after three strikes.Strike
Called when a base runner reaches a base without getting tagged out or avoids a force out.Safe
The defense must create three “outs,” by strikeout, force-out, fly-out, or tag-out, before it can switch to offense.Out
A play during which a runner advances a base when the pitcher releases the pitchStolen Base
Four balls from a pitcher results in the batter receiving a “walk,” and the batter automatically advances to 1st baseWalk
A player’s turn batting while her team is on offenseAt bat
At-bat when a batter accumulates three strikes, at which point the at-bat ends and the player is called outStrike Out