Sodium Pertechnetate

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Na99mTcO4 is a salt
if ______ = bad tagsalivary, thyroid, or stomach
If oral, MOL ispassive diffusion
CGastric mucosa converts pertechnetate into pertechnic acid
pertechnic excreted into the stomach, dissociates, and is reabsorbed
T99mTcO4 is chemically similar to chloride ion
Meckel's is in which quadrantRight Lower
Meckel's diverticulumsmall punch on wall of lower small intestine. From umbilical cord in fetal stage
____% of Meckel's contain ectopic gastric mucosa50
We should not see Pertechnetate in the abdomen other thanstomach, kidneys, bladder
Meckel's patient administeredcimetdine or pentagastrin
How often is cimetidine administeredOrally every 6 hours for 24 hours before study
What does cimetidine doInhibits secretion of pertechnetate into stomach contents
How is pentagastrin administeredsub-Q 15-20 mins before injection
What does pentagastrin dostimulates accumulation of pertechnetate in gastric mucosa
NPO for meckels, yes or noyes, four hours
Sodium Pertechnetate "safe bet" dose10-15 mCi
Mickey's you should see apretty stomach
Meckel's imagingflow anterior abdominal, then statics
Salivary maximum accumulation at10 minutes post admin
salivary akaparotid
parotid =main salivary gland
Three major salivary glandsparotid, sublingual, submandibular
SP salivary dose8-12 mCi
SP salivary injectedIntraveneously
SP salivary does what to stimulate glandseat lemon or check gum
Salivary images taken at2, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes post admin
salivary imaging isdynamic
____ do not take up pertechnetatelesions
Why is salivary doneto observe function and detect blockages or space-occupying lesions of the salivary glands
SP thyroid is used for _____scan
SP thyroid image20 minutes
SP thyroid uptake4-24 hours
SP bowelNo imaging procedures
SP thyroid does NOT telllfunction
SP thyroid used in conjunction withI-123
Iodide is ___ by the thyroidOrganified
Technetium is NOT ___ by the thyroidOrganified
Iodide organified producesthyroid hormone
SP thyroid trapping done byactive transport
SP thyroid maximum accumulation at10-15 minutes;; remains 30-45 mins
Counts =better
Pictures =better and faster than using I-131 or I-123
Choroid plexus secretecerebrospinal fluid
Pertechnetate is ___ by CSF/CP cells, but not secreted in ___trapped, CSF --- diffuses back to the vascular space as blood concentration falls
For Choroid plexus imaging, patients may be givenblocking agents: Lugol's or potassium perchlorate
Choroid plexus procedures:None
Lugol's can block bothThyroid & Choroid Plexus
Anytime we are looking for blood flow usePertechnetate
SP Kidneys removal50% by glomerular filtration (passive diffusion) in first 24 hours
SP Kidney imagingNone
Kidney and bladder infirst 24 hours
SP Testicular usually goes toultrasound
SP Testicular torsion shows up ascold
Testicular dose8-20 mCi BOLUS
Testicular is a ____ studyFLOW
Collimator used for testicularPinhole to magnify
SP Dacryocystogram lack of drainage after ___ is ____15 minutes, positive for blockage
Dacrocystogram dose200 uCi for EACH eye=400 uCi
Dacryocystogram demonstateslacrimal duct patency
Retrograde =indirect
Cystography done to detectUreteral reflux, urine reflux back into kidneys
Direct =inject directly into bladder
direct typically done on pedis
Indirect =IV
Indirect typically done onadults
Direct utilizes aFoley catheter
Cystography commonly associated withrepeat UTI and chronic pyelonephritis
Cystography most common cause of refluxcongenital absence of shortening of the intravesicular portion of the ureter
Cystography most commonly done onfemale children
Cystography goes untilreflux or capacity
Residular =(voided volume x post-void counts)/(pre-void counts - post-void counts)
Cystography is a dynamic flow
cystography dose1-3 mCi
After imaging cystography, patient is sat up to void and post void counts are compared to pre void counts

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