Sociology test review

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Question Answer
what is sociology?the scientific study of social structure, and patterned social behavior
what type of science is sociology?social structure - patterned ways in which people interact in social relationships
what aspects of society do sociologist study?rates, trends, patterns
who coined the term "sociological imagination?c. Wrights mills
microsociologyconcerns the nature of everyday human society interactions and agency on a small scale
Macro sociology sociological study of large scale social systems and long term patterns and processes
social structurethe thing that adapts the system of the relation between individuals and society
conformitycompliance with standards, rules and laws
perspectiveparticular attitude toward or way of regarding something, a point of view
who's considered the father of sociology?Auguste Comte
who introduced the theory of social change called social darwinism?Herbert Spencer
how is called the theory of social change?social darwinism
who stablished herself as a pioneering feminist in sociology during the 19th century?Harriet Martineau
who studied the protestant reformation and understood how it transformed a communal traditional society into an individuals capitalist society?Max Weber
who argued that crime serves a purpose in society?Emilie Durkheim
who founded the Tuskegee institute as training school for formerly ensalved African Americans ?Booker T Washington
who founded hull house in 1889?Web Dobols
who laid the foundation for the theoretical perspective of symbolic interactionism?George hellbent mead
who was the first Mexican American to earn a doctorate in sociology and later work against civil rights and discrimination against Mexicans?Julian Zamora
who worked as an aid to booker t. Washington at the Tuskegee institute from 1905 to 1914?Robert E park
capitalista wealth person who uses money to invest in trade and industry for profit
bourgeoisiemiddle class, reference to its perceived materialistic evaluates of conventional attitudes
Proletariat working class people
mechanical solidaritysocial dependency based on a widespread consensus of values and beliefs and dependence on tradition and family
class conflict the ongoing struggle between the bourgeoulse (owners) and the proletariat (working classes)
organic solidarity social independency based on a high degree of specialization of rules
rationalizationthe mind-set emphasizing knowledge, reason, and planning
social structurepatterned interaction of people in social relationships
social actionindividual or group behavior that involves interaction with other individuals or groups
functional integration Multiple functions are integrated together
powerthe ability to control the behavior of others even against the will
manifest functionan action that procedures an intended and recognized result
dysfunctionnegative consequences of an aspect of society
what are the tree main perspectives in sociology?functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interactionism
functionalism approach that emphasizes the contributions made by each part of society
conflict theory Karl max theory that claims society is in a state of perpetual conflict due to competition
symbolic interactionismApproach that focuses on the interactions among people based on they mutually understood symbols