Sociology Final Ch. 10-12

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Question Answer
Gender refers to:the personal traits and social positions that members of a society attach to being female and male
It is argued that gender is not a matter just of difference, but also a matter of differences in:all of the above are correct
Which of the following concepts refers to social organization in which males dominate females?patriarchy
In global perspective, women's social power (compared to men's) is greatest in which of the following nations?Norway in northern Europe
Which of the following job categories has mostly women as workers?elementary school teachers
For which of the categories of the U.S. population is it true that women do most of the housework?All of the above are correct
The concept "comparable worth" refers to the idea that:women should receive the same pay as men for work that is equally important
Which factor accounts for the largest share of difference in the earnings of working women and men in the United States?differences in the type of work men and women do
Which of the following concepts refers to an invisible, yet real, barrier that prevents many women from rising beyond middle-management positions?"glass ceiling"
In which of the following nations do women have the greatest political power in realation to men?Sweden
Which of the following is at the heart of the controversy over women's participation in the military?women are defined by our culture as nurturers rather than people who kill
Which of the following statements is the best reason to see women as a minority in the United States?In our society, there is an economic disadvantage for being a woman
Most gender-related violence occurs:in the home
Intersection theory focuses on:the interplay of race, class, and gender often leading to multiple disadvantages
Feminists claim that rape is mostly about:power
Female genital mutilation is most common in:africa
Pornography is of concern to:all of the above are correct
All of the following except for one are goals of feminism. Which is NOT a goal of feminism?opposing the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
Which type of feminism accepts the basic organization of U.S. society, but seeks to expand the rights and opportunities of women?liberal feminism
Looking back over U.S history, we see a general trend by which women:have gained both power and economic opportunities
The concept "race" refers to:a socially constructed category composed of people who share biologically transmitted traits that members of a society consider important
Why do sociologists consider the "scientific" racial types of Caucasion, Mongoloid, and Negroid to be misleading and even harmful?all
Race refers to ______ considered important by a society and ethnicty refers to ________biological traits; cultural traits
Which of the following concepts refers to a category of people, distinguished by physical or cultural traits, who are socially disadvantagedminority
Which of the following concepts refers to a rigid and irrational generalization about an entire category of people?prejudice
Stereotypes refer to:exaggerated descriptions applied to everyone in some category
Recent research on social distance among U.S. college students shows that:all of the above are correct
Which of the following concepts refers to a belief that one racial category is innately superior or inferior to another?racism
Based on scapegoat theory, you would conclude that prejudice is caused by:frustration among people who are themselves disadvantaged
Thomas Sowell studied the scores of categories of people on intelligence (IQ) tests and concluded that:cultural patterns explain much IQ variation
Conflict theory states that prejudice is:used by powerful people to justify oppressing others
While prejudice is a matter of _________, discrimination is a matter of _________attitudes; actions
Institutional prejudice and discrimination refers to the fact that:bias is built into the operation of society's institutions
Which of the following concepts refers to a state in which racial and ethnic minorities are distinct but have rough social inequality?pluralism
Assimilation refers to the pattern by which:minorities gradually adopt patterns of the dominant category
Which of the following refers to the physical and social separation of categories of people?segregation
The Holocaust, in whihc the Nazis murdered millions of jews, is an example of:genocide
What is the meaning of the term "WASP?"white anglo-saxon protestant
The term "white ethnics" refers to:non-WASPs of european ancestry
From which world regions do most of today's immigrants come?Latin America and Asia
Which of the following concepts refers to social patterns brought on by the Industrial Revolution?modernity
The concept "cultural lag" refers to the fact that:material culture (things) usually change faster than nonmaterial culture (ideas and attitudes)
Sociologists point out that:social change in inevitable
Social movements are defined as:organized activties that encourage or discourage change
Which type of social movement seeks radical change in all of society?revolutionary social movement
Resource mobilization theory states that social movements will involve people who:have suffiecient resources to launch and sustain them
In what way do "new social movements" differ from those in the past?all of the above are correct
Ferdinand Tonnies described modernity as the loss of:Gemeinschaft
Emile Durkheim claimed that the defining trait of modernity is:specialization that makes people interdependent on one another
For Max Weber, preindustial societies are characterized by:a traditional worldview
Max Weber claimed that modernization was evident in which of the following?all of the above are correct
A mass society is one that:all of the above are correct
By describing U.S. society as a modern, class-society, one points to:marked social stratification
David Reisman described "tradition-directed social character" as:rigid conformity to traditional ways of life
Max Weber's claim that modern societies are rational was challenged because:they do not meet the needs of so many people
Postmodernity refers to societies that:have postindustrial economies
In the opinion of some, sceince:causes more problems than it solves
In the United States, people tend to link the concept of modernity to:progress
Scholars who take a "postmodernist" apprach claim that:all of the above are correct
Which of the following is a real trend that suggests life in the United States is getting worse?poverty among children is up