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Sociology Final

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Question Answer
types of deviancereligious, political, homosexuality, and mental health
religious + political leader at same timeceasaropapistic leader
that which is deviant at one timemay not always be deviant
may not always be deviant examplesjesus, luther, and calvin
three religious and scientifically controversial peopleptolemy, copernicus, galileo
geocentric theory (sun) ptolemy
argued geocentric theory; said heliocentricnicolas copernick
proves heliocentric w/ telescopegalileo
leftist socialist who created social security and worker's compnorman thomas
3 rules of deviance1) act itself 2) who commits the act 3) who judges the act
3 examples of rules of devianceoj, imus, watergate
lextialoneseye for an eye
law of retaliationlextialones
an offense based on status status offense
childrens status offensestruancy, runaway, incoragability, promiscuitity
crimes which offend public sensitivitiesm, are not in the social norm, are based on status of perpetratoradult status crimes
famous adult status offenderrosa parks
talked of no punishment before a trialcesare becceria
asked what makes a criminallombroso
lombroso's three things that make a criminal born, criminaloid, mental cases
born criminalapelike
criminaloidweak character
first american to try to break down criminals scientificallydugdale
jukes and kallikaksmade moonshiine in mountains
we cannot solve "crime problem" because crime is not unicausal
you initiate crimevictimless
victimless crimes narcotics, prostitution, loan sharking, and gambling
why not really "victimless"? they injure perpetrator, the family, and society.
natural outgrowth of capitalism organized crime
organized crime runs victimless crimes
why do the mob run victimless crimessupply and demand
does crime payyes
shaw & mckaypoverty causes crimes
cloward & ohlindifferential opportunity
millerfocal concerns; beat the police
sutherlandwhite collar crime; differential association
positivistsshaw & mckay
crime is learned behaviormiller
quinneymarxist criminologist
the cause for somethingetiology
labeling perspective does not explain eitiology
crime-station-court-jaillabeling perspective
means + goods +conformity
means + goods -bureaucratic
means - goods +innovator
new/illegal way to get somethinginnovator
pressure to succeed would cause crimeinnovator
means - goods - retreatist
means - goods -, more severerebellionist/terrorist
criminologists would especially want to study innovator & rebellionist
institution means and goodsmerton's paradygm of anomie
classic school of punishmentfreewill
shows inconstinency of the statespositivists v. classic