Sociology Ch. 6 Sexuality and Society - Quiz

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Which concept refers to the biological distinction between males and females?sex
One cultural universal is the incest taboo, which is a norm forbiddingsexual relations or marriage between certain relatives
When did the sexual revolution begin?It began in the 1940s and then grew quickly in the late 1960s
Which of the following concepts refers to a person's romantic and emotional attraction to another person?sexual orientation
Sexual attraction to someone of the same sex is called homosexuality
The concept "homophobia" refers to fear of close personal interaction with people thought to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual
Elite prostitutes-young, attractive, and well-educated women-are widely referred to ascall girls or escorts
Prostitution is regarded by many people in the United States as a victimless crime
Which one of the following statements about rape is NOT true?in most cases of rape, the victime does not know the attacker
If you were to study the changing meaning of virginity over the last century in our society, you would discover that the norm stating that people remain virgins until marriagehas become weaker
Queer theory is a growing body of knowledge asserting thatthere is a heterosexual bias in U.S. society
Which concept refers to genitals that distinguish females and males?primary sex characteristics
Which concept refers to humans who have some combination of female and male sexual characteristics?intersexual
If you often had the feeling of being "trapped in the wrong body," you might be a transsexual
Comparative research indicates thatalthough sex is a biological function, sexual practices vary from place to place as an element of the culture
The importance of Alfred Kinsey's researcg on sexuality in the United States wasmaking sexuality a focus of scientific study, showing that people were less conventional than most of society thought, and encouraging a greater openness toward sexuality
The effect of the sexual counterrevolution was moe people began choosing to limit their number of sexual partners or not to have sex at all
Survey research on attitudes toward premarital sex tells us thatthe public is more accepting of premarital sex than it was a generation ago
Sexual attraction to people of both sexes is calledbisexuality
Sarah feels little or no sexual attraction to people of either sex. Her sexual orientation is calledasexuality