Sociology Ch 2

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Section 1

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Culture ways of thinking and acting/material objects that forms a persons way of life
Culture Shock involves personal disorientation when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life
Cultural Relativism involves a more accurate understanding of cultures/judges another culture by its own standards
Cultural TransmissionProcess by which one generation passes culture to next
Sapir-Worf thesis people perceive world through the cultural lens of language
Modern view of language it doesn't determine reality

Section 2

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Key US Values (10) Equal opportunity, material comfort, progress, science, achievement/success, democracy/free enterprise, freedom, activity/work, racism/group superiority, practicality/efficiency
Mores Norms that are widly observed /have great moral significance
Folkways norms for routine or casual interaction
Ideal Culture social patterns mandated by values/norms
Real Culturesocial patterns that are only a approximate cultural expectations
SubCulturescultural patterns that set apart some segment of a society's population

Section 3

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Multiculturalism Perspective recognizing the cultural diversity of the US promoting equal standing for all cultural traditions
Ethnocentrisim practice of judging, culture by its own standards
Structural Functional view of culture culture is strategy for meeting human needs
Social Conflict Theory of culture cultural traits benefit some members at the expense of others . competiveness/material success tied to country's capitalist economy
Sociobiology explores ways in which human biology affects how we create culture. based in Charles Darwin
Culture as Constraintwe know world in terms of culture
Culture as Freedom culture changing/offers variety of opportunities