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Sociology 3rd Exam

Updated 2007-04-15 22:52
Question Answer
robbers cave experimentsherif
monad, dyad, triadterms from zimmel
small groupmonad
two groups in oppositiondyad
reduces hostilitydyad to triad
zimbardo study shows the effects ofauthority on 2 groups of people
things that motivate your behavior are most inheritede.o wilson
animal behaviors we do (wilson)territoriality and deference
clear-cut power; no questioningdeference
fitting a person into a culturesocialization
illegal and amoralproving socialization scientifically
tarzan mowgli romelius and remus"studies" of rare socialization
victor, anna, isabelreal studies
set up social security systemisabel
process of making the norms and values of our society as part of ourselves. (also psycholigical)internalization
changed way we treat crazy peoplegoffman's asyulms
insane asylums, prison, rehab, half way house, hospital, nursing home, militarytotal institutions
voluntary and involuntarytotal instititutions
most important groupprimary
family peers community of sig othersprimary
secondary & voluntarywork
coworkers aka "for money"secondary
something you like but don't get paid forvoluntary
gangs kkk skinheads3rd group
webers organizational chart of any bizpolicy > administration > staff > line workers
takes policy and puts it in effectadministration
must know of product (supervisor)staff
max weber used ___ as a modelcatholic church
info increase (weber)decisions decrease
treatement of title; not persondepersonalization
to know one's job sow ell that there are no surprisesroutinization
based on bureacracyyour supervisor will not understand you
emile durkheim askedwhat is sociology? & how does society work?
studied sucidedurkheim
why did durkheim study suicidesocial cohesion
aged divorced separated orphans no church attendanceiegoistic
lack of social networkiegoistic
rules are too weak or do not pertainanomic
to disgrace one's familiar groupaltruistic
creates miracles, changes rules, holds no official officecharcomatic
election, inherited,for group approval
authoritianinstrumental (male)
democraticexpressive (female)
authoritian/democratic ideas assigned to gendersk. lewin
expressive/instrumental definitions bybales
rational, logical, mathematical, goal-orientedinstrumental
caring, person-oriented, nurturingexpressive
takes place in total institutionsresocialization
uniforms numbers and removal of IDdepersonalization
involuntary resocializationbrain-washing
who coined the term anticipatory socializationmerton
colleague no longer interacts with you bc they have or will become your bossanticipatory socialization
turns into an official leadercharismatic leader